Dreambox to VideoLan HowTo

  • any one knows a good howto for setting vlc-nox and ffmpeg on debian server ?

    my box was running fine till i upgraded and he cant read divx mpegs now any more.
    i tried recompiling ffmpeg from the source but i still get same error.
    i tried all the howtos on the net no success.

    if any one fixed this please let us know

  • Hi all, please help me. I need to stream video over the internet from Dreambox, wich is behind router. Inside my network (i mean local area, streaming works fine.). But I didnt get how to stream video from PC to other PC compressed. In VLC i saw thouse streaming output otions etc. but i still cant set up my vlc to decode video and stream it.

    My dm500 ip in local area is I have latest gemini so i have webinterface. I also have latest VLC.

    Someone please, make example screenshots. I think thats all i need.

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    Originally posted by bianconeri

    If you are a gemini user you'll notice that it has a web interface . Open firefox browser and into the adress bar type the ip adress of your dreambox. Previously install the latest version of VLC (video lan player) on your computer and connect your computer with the dreambox via crossover cable. P.S. While you are installing VideoLan select the option ActiveX.

    I use webinterface, VLC installed.
    1. option WebTV -------> OK
    2. option Stream -----> srtream.m3u ( -----> OK
    3. option record (red button) --------> Error Parsing XML
    Please help me.

    together we grow - ferdi