!!!2SUB_2LANG_2006_06_15 Dm7025!!!

  • Hi!.

    Gruffy has made a new release today:

    2SUB & 2LANG

    This archive contains two plugins/addons for Dreambox 7025 written by Gruffy.
    Main download site is http://www.imagix.se, check there for updates!

    Contact: gruffypuffy1234 AT hotmail DOT com

    Automatic Install:

    - Copy the 2SUB_2LANG-install.sh file to your Dreambox (typically /tmp) with an FTP tool (DCC or something).
    - Execute the file from a telnet prompt like: "sh /tmp/2SUB_2LANG-install.sh"
    - Reboot or restart, all done!

    Manual Install:
    Just copy all files to their place according to the archive file 2SUB_files.tar.gz:

    Make sure you do a "killall 2SUB" if you have an old version running!

    The binary file:

    The Python autostart plugin:

    The Python GUI plugin:

    The Python 2LANG plugin:

    The config files:

    Then you RESTART Enigma2 or REBOOT the box!

    - Changed a typo in this README, all binaries are the same as 2006-06-13 release.

    - Updated langauge codes in 2SUB to handle localized characters better...unicode trouble before.
    - Added Enable/Disable bindings in the 2SUB GUI
    - New packing...all relnotes in main README from now on...also, only one package for 2SUB/2LANG.

    - Updated both 2LANG(two languages) and 2SUB(time sync). See their README files!

    - First public release. See README in each package for more details.

    This is a Teletext subtitle addon for the Dreambox 7025. It is based on the gSUB plugin for other Dreamboxes. The change in name states two things...it is NOT gSUB, as it is ported to new hardware, and the author has now joined the 2Gether Team and he wants to declare this by naming it 2SUB.

    - True Type fonts, all freely selectable and scalable.
    - RecDelay for recordings and Timeshift playback.
    - Positioning on the screen, horizontal, vertical etc.
    - Color selection.
    - Render styles: Outline, Background and Outline+Background.
    - Background transparency.
    - GUI for settings.
    - Autostarting on channel change.
    - Select Primary and Secondary language.
    - Hardcode/help 2SUB with the 2SUB.channels file (compare to gSUB.channels).
    - ...

    This plugin is a background/autostarting plugin that selects the audio track for the current channel. It is based on what OSD language you have set, so if you have "Swedish" as OSD language, 2LANG will try and select a "Swedish" audio track if possible. Not that it is possible to override the "current OSD language" by editing a file (see inside 2LANG.audio). It will also handle the "mono-channels" like Eurosport. These channels transmit each language as a mono channel, so if nothing is done when zaping to these channels you will hear two languages... This is handled by setting up the 2LANG.audio file accordinly. See inside that for more details.
    In short...this is the code that was controlled by gSUB.audio in the old plugin!

    Well...best of luck to you out there and I hope that you get them to work as expected. I have had much help from my betatesters!!! THANK YOU!

    Special thanks to (in random order): 2Gether (Nemesis, spacy & co. thanks for having me guys!), Gaj, Satandream and tmbinc!


    Regards: Gaj1


    Regards: Gaj1
    Using: DM7025ST+ DM800S-PVR-HD.

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  • And here is 2SUB_2LANG_15.06.2006.tar.bz2 to Gemini2 1.50 ;)


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