Gemini 2.9 MaxVar

  • Sorry but there are no results in google for gemini maxvar 3.0 only for 2.9 maxvar

    DM500S & DM600 PVR-S mit Gemini 4.00 auf Astra 19.2
    Cam's: CCcam / Camd3 / MGCamd
    Sonst.: VLCF / ngrab

  • Hello Rozko,

    same for me I found only Maxvr for Gemini2.9 for DM500, but as far as I know even this maxvar-Gemini2.9 is using an older Kernel than the real Gemini2.9 and therfore for sure does not include the new CIFS-driver, which is compiled into the Kernel for DM500 and therfore also cannot be updated by a module without rebuilding the kernel. Gemini2.9 and Gemini3.0 use the new CIFS-driver.

    There was a big hope for this new CIFS-driver, but I and some others did not see major improovements, recording from the DM500 to a NAS via CIFS is still usless in the most cases.

  • Gemini 3.0 MaxVar (modifi)

    - kernel 2.6.9 from cvs 22.7.2006 VAR , 3MB

    - BusyBox v1.01 (2006.07.23-08:55+0000) Built-in shell (ash)
    + telnet client and some others (only for missed telnet client :) )

    - Dropbear multi-purpose version 0.44
    rsa key is generated to /var/etc/dropbear/dropbear_rsa_host_key
    after restart

    - ssh client (dbclient) ssh root@192.168.x.x

    - added for mounting of the samba servers
    for this only remove # from line sleep 15 && > /dev/null
    and make changes in /var/bin/ for ip of the samba
    server , password and sharedir

    - added GP bootlogo

    - possibility use own bootlogo
    from /var/tuxbox/config/enigma/pictures/mylogo

    - added directories for crond /var/spool/cron/crontabs
    for your own aplication set start of the crond from /var/etc/init
    (uncomment line sleep 15 && /var/bin/crond &)
    set /var/spool/cron/crontabs/root with your app

    - prepared for Midnight Commander 4.61 addon

    - fixies : added little apache to busybox for function from gemini menu -
    not function properly in modifi version before

    added CIFS 1.44 prepatch to kernel - missed in versions before

    For instalation from maxvar (modifi) versions before use root.cramfs + factory reset or dreamup.

    For instalation from another versions it's better to use dreamup.

    MD5 : 47AFD4F8A607B8CE89B6CBB83D4FBDDA gemini300maxvar_db500.img
    +- 4 960 256 bytes

    /************This are only small modifications , it's Gemini team image and thanks for their work.**************/

    sorry , but you must to register , if you want , give it to here somebody , i would't like to give link to other forum here , but if you can not find it , only for that

    ericfeltus This is not backup-images , doesn't contains any own settings , keys and others , like I was read in another thread - closed for that !!!

    there is version for 5620 too

    C.S.F Admin

    C.S.F Admin

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  • yeah nice :)

    gonna try this one tonight. Thx a lot. It takes very long to get the email from the forum :S

    Dreambox 500S @ Gemini 3.60
    Dreambox 500C @ Gemini 3.60
    Dreambox 600PVR C mit S Tuner auf Reserve @ Gemini 3.60
    Dreambox 7025 Doppel C Tuner @ Gemini2 3.00

  • After regging you can direct login no mail needed.
    Gonna try tonight also :tongue:

  • yeah you're right :) but my opera didn't work proper on this site. With IE no problem. thx

    Dreambox 500S @ Gemini 3.60
    Dreambox 500C @ Gemini 3.60
    Dreambox 600PVR C mit S Tuner auf Reserve @ Gemini 3.60
    Dreambox 7025 Doppel C Tuner @ Gemini2 3.00

  • Here is it directly , don't needed your registartion on that forum.
    I haven't time to upload the file before :) - a few minutes , but ...

  • Hallo Rozko,

    danke das du das Imag hochgeladen hast, ich habe mich schon wegen der Sprache auf dem verlinkten forum nicht zurechtgefunden.

    Wer macht diese Maxvar-Images?
    Sind das Geminientwickler oder Leute die euch nahe stehne, oder sind das Wildfremde die einfack euren Code verwenden?
    Ich weis das das Geminiimage sehr nahe am aktuellen CVS liegt, aber zum Gemini wird es doch erst durch kleien NP-Source Besonderheiten wie das Bluepanel, wie bokommen die Maxvar-Entwickler das, oder haben diese Gemini-maxvars keins?

    Wie steht ihr zu den Maxvars (solange es keine Backups sind (was ich bei diesem der Veränderungen im Kernel wegen eher nicht glaube))?

    Wenn ihr sie toleriert, warum gibt es dann nicht einen einfacheren Weg sie heir in der Database zeitnah zur Verfügung zu stellen, statt das immer erst gebettelt wird, dann ein Anhang wegen Backup gelöscht wird und erst später ein Maxvar irgendwo hinter ferner lifen in einem betreffenden Thread steht, das Interesse zumindest bei DM500 Besitzern ist offensichtlich serh gross aber dafür auf Bluepanel verzichten wollen die meisten ja auch nicht, warum muss es dann so schwierig sein?

  • Bleupanel is included in maxvar, TBH i cannot find anything thats not in the regular Gemini's except the use of more memory and the bootlogo ;)
    Working fine and indeed it could be easier available thru database.

  • Quote

    Original von Bombjack
    MaxVar 3.10 has been released today... ;)

    yes is works good ;)

    Have Fun And Dream On

    DF-II Team Member :pokal: