Very slow sharing with the new 1.1

  • Hi all

    I have used the last gemini 1.1 since sunday, it is so frustrating and slow.
    In comparison the previous one 1.00 it is so slow in sharing with servers and I don`t know why !!!! inspite of the same components I use, the previous one 1.00 was much faster than this slow one, also I `ve tried to shift to previous edition of evocamd 2.03 and 2.02 and the same slow card sharing I get in the end

    So can anyone plz explain to me why such slowly action occurs with the new version of Gemini 1.1????????????????

    Can anyone help me plz

    Much regards

  • Maybe because you did not setup the priority.list, ignore.list & replace.list?
    These files reside in /var/keys.

    Read up on that in this thread.

    My files:



    But use these only as a rough guide, as the correct setup depends very much on what cards you use. (And to what servers you connect)

    Above examples are for my db7000 with a CDS NL card (provider 6A), a sky UK card (caID 961) and a firecrypt card (caID 4A70).

    Without the proper setup, my zaptimes were ~10 sec, with this setup it zaps within ~1 sec.

    Assumption is the mother of all fuckups.

  • I`m much obliged to ur sincere help

    Thank u man

  • I have done what u advised before but without success.

    Could anyone help me