Images for North America?

  • Ok. I assumed that Gemini would have the sat info for North America, but I don't see them. What image does have it? Is there a way to use Gemini and tell it the sat info?

    What is everyone else on this continent using?

  • Replace the original Gemini sat.xml with the NA sat.xml of your choice, reboot the DB and configure your sats- so easy

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    Original von bwelling
    Where do I get a sat.xml file for North America?

    i think why not everythink is posible

  • If your Dreambox is connected to the Internet you can go to the Extra Menu (Blue Button Twice) and scroll down to the option which allows you to create your own Satellite.xml

    You just select the satellites you are interested in and then wait while the xml is created with all the upto date transponder details.