NDS wants to stop the Dreambox

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    NDS wants to stop the Dreambox
    Thursday, 08 September 2005
    NDS who developed the Videoguard encryption which is used by Sky UK/Italia is in war with Dream Multimedia who produces the Dreambox.

    It started last year with NDS demanding Dream Multimedia to remove the Ethernet Connector on all Dreamboxes. Also NDS demanded to cease the publication of the open-source software which is used by all Dreamboxes. Of course Dream Multimedia didn't listen to these ridiculous demands.

    Now NDS wants the ETSI organisation who is responsible for the DVB standard to reject the license to all Dreamboxes. All Dreamboxes are fully DVB compliant, which is already approved http://www.dvb.org/index.php?id=104&mid=2831

    This license could be in danger because NDS is a big investor in ETSI.

    Although the DVB license is very important to Dream Multimedia they still could produce Dreamboxes, but they couldn't be sold anymore with the DVB logo.

    Finally NDS wants IBM to stop supplying the PowerPC cpu to Dream Multimedia, because their receivers wouldn't be DVB compliant, if the license isn't valid anymore.

    Why is NDS taking these actions to the developer of a very popular Satellite receiver? The Dreambox is at this moment one of the few open-standard Satellite receivers who is capable to decrypt (legal) NDS/Videoguard cards. Because of the Ethernet connector on almost every Dreambox cardsharing has become reality. This would be the major concern of NDS at the moment, because it's quite easy to share NDS/Videoguard cards this way.

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    DS, manufacturer of coding systems for DVB systems thwart linux set-top-box manufacturer Dream multimedia.
    End last year NDS visited Dream multimedia with the request to close the open source close software and to remove the network connection from their products.

    Now NDS goes as the President of ETSI (European organisation for standardisation of information and communication technologies) a considerable step further.
    ETSI refuses a CSA (Common Scrambling Algorithm) licention to Dream multimedia.

    NDS have an unhealthily large finger in the pulp at ETSI and can therefore ensure that a licention is entirely wrongfully refused.

    Now it is unfortunately this way that a manufacturer the ETSI licention necessary the CSA encryption have been possible implement.
    This implementation is necessary for a receiver to let it work under the DVB standard .
    Without ETSI licention there is no authorisation for use of this source code and the implementation of the CSA.

    IBM, manufacturer of the processors from the DM7000, DM5620, DM500 and DM7020 may under the pressure from NDS not sell any processor to Dream multimedia.
    This Becouse they dont have a ETSI licention anymore.

    The same game becomes played with (new) the manufacturer of the processors who Dream multimedia will use in the coming models DM7025 and DM8000.
    This is of course an outrageous development and a slap in the face of the open source community.

    NDS can be refuse therefore commercial interests in an organisation such as ETSI entirely wrongfully a licention to a manufacturer.
    ETSI can not refuse Dream multimedia their licention, on the basis of their admission requirements Dream multimedia satisfy to all ETSIconditions.

  • irgendwo hab ich das schon mal gelesen. und eins ist sicher: ein receiver, der offiziell kein nds unterstützt kann auch nicht verboten werden. sonst könnte ja die apache-foundation auch verklagt werden, weil es menschen gibt, die illegale sachen auf seiten haben, die den apache als server verwenden.

    Gruss Dre

    Developer Project Merlin