Channel switching problem DM500s shitty box?!

  • Hello everyone!

    Seems like the DM500s has problems with switching channels. The problems only occur when switching between e.g 1.0W Thor and 5.0E Sirius. Seems like the diseqc doesn´t switch, because there is NO signal after switching channels..

    Have this problem on two boxes..

    HELP!! This shit is driving me crazy!!!!

    // Best Regards


    Gemini 2.20
    Newcamd 6.1

  • Hallo,

    when the problem is on 2 Boxes,
    please check the cable and f-steckers first.
    Maybe there no more contact to the ground (Schirm - i don´t know the english word)
    The best idea is to cut 1 cm off and make a new f-Stecker contact.

    Maybe your diseqc has a problem:

    in your dreambox you can set your satellite settings to manual- Then you can send your switchsignal more then 1 time. This can help.
    But check your F-Steckers first.

    sorry for my english.

  • Vielen dank! Ich will die F-steckers kontrollieren und geben feedback zurück.



  • Das problem ist weg!! Ich habe die Disecq switch mit ein neu ersetzen..

    My German Suxx... :-P