• Hi Mr.Bunny

    Hope you could help me with a little problem that i got :D

    As you can see on the picture, i will be happy if i could get AGC and EMU on it.
    So i hope you could give me the commands that handle AGC and show EMU.
    I will put them in the right position, you dont have to do it :D ;) :D ;)

    I dont know if you need it, but im using gemini 2.10 on flash.


  • Sorry for my late answer.

    For the AGC use this :

    <eLabel position="470:336" size="30:15" font="Nimbus;12" name="agc_num" foregroundColor="white" />
    <eLabel position="435:336" size="30:15" font="Nimbus;12" text="AGC :" foregroundColor="white" />
    <eProgress position="500:340" size="60:6" name="agc_progress" foregroundColor="white" border="1" />

    For the EMU use this

    <eLabel position="204:414" size="130:14" align="center" text="CI" font="Nimbus;14" backgroundColor="dunkel1+8" foregroundColor="dunkel" name="cam_info" />

    Hope this Help´s you