Neutrino.DREAM Plus/0624 DM-56x0 -Kernel 2.6.9

  • It can be downloaded from dreamboxworld site.


    Welcome on Neutrino.DREAM Plus!

    BE CAREFULL! THAT IMAGE WAS NOT TESTED, without any guarantees!

    2005 06 24
    Neutrino.DREAM Plus/0624 DM-56x0 -Kernel 2.6.9

    Including Dreambox Links Web Browser, VNCviewer and TuxBox Commander!

    file: dm56x0_nplus_0624.img
    md5sum: 82E710F29512AFF515331DEE080AA00F
    comment=ruDbox dream image
    credits=dbox2world team, rudream

    QuickStart settings.
    1. Language Setup, Make your choice and press [Lame/Exit]
    2. Main Menu, Settings, Network Settings, Make your choice and press [red]setup network now
    3. Main Menu, Settings, Misc settings, Timezone, Make your choice
    4. Main Menu, Settings, press [red]save settings now
    5. Main Menu, Services, Zapit options, set necessary values and parameters, press [red]save settings
    ("Re-Zap on emu switch time"-parameter is recommended to put value 5 or 6!)
    6. Main Menu, Services, Servicescan, set necessary values and parameters, Scan mode: Fast!,
    press [red]save settings, start scan
    7. Main Menu, Services, Video Settings, Video system: PAL/PAL-M/NTSC
    8. Main Menu, Services, Audio Settings, English: off/on
    (switch on english-soundtrack if the "English"-name is present on the channels)

    TimeShift settings.
    1. Main Menu, Settings, Recording Settings, recording device: direct(file)/off/server
    (set to "direct(file)" and set direct recording settings[green], [red]activate changes)
    2. Main Menu, Settings, Key Setup, Timeshift, setup new key
    (most of keys is not free to use by default, set fee-key(example,bouquet+-) or change non-free
    to free before start to set timeshift-key)
    3. Main Menu, Settings, Movieplayer Settings, Timeshift pause: on/off
    ("on" - timeshift starting record and stop movieplyer to pause, "off" - timeshift starting record
    and play continue)
    4. Main Menu, Addons, Emu Type, Camd: no/mgcamd/newcamd/camd3/scam
    (Timeshift supporting mgcamd/newcamd/camd3/scam emu for crypt-channels)

    Main Menu, Scripts
    1. Autoconvert/autoconvert settings format
    (puting lazymax settings files to box and start script, all settings will be convert to "nlpus"-format)
    2. Reset EPG
    3. Readme 1st/Image info
    4. Satfind bg/signal monitoring tool (DM-7000/7020)

    Default Keys(buttons)
    1. [dream/menu] - Main Menu
    2. [blue] - Features
    3. [help] - channel info
    4. [help][help] - channel EPG
    5. [help][help][help] - channel EPG bigest font size
    6. [help][help][help][help] - channel EPG normal font size
    7. [info] - channel info (same as [help])
    8. [video] - Movieplayer
    9. [audio] - Audioplayer
    10. [green] - Select language
    11. [red] - EPG Programm Information

    How to get updates and addons.
    At first, dreambox must has internet-connection!
    1. Main Menu, Service, Software Update, Updatemode: internet
    2. search for new version...

    How to install addons manual.
    At first, our neutrino's addons is not same as enigma's addons!
    1. Put addon-file(addon_name.bin) to /tmp
    1. Main Menu, Service, Software Update, Updatemode: manual(ftp)
    2. search for new version...
    3. Filebrowser /tmp/, press to addon-file(addon_name.bin)
    4. follow instruction

    How to flash new image manual.
    At first, it's for DM-7000/56x0/500 only!
    1. Put image (name_image.img) to /tmp
    2. Main Menu, Service, Software Update, Expert-function...

    How to edit channels-settings.
    DreamSet - 1.60, Supports Neutrino NPlus format.
    Before upload new settings go to setup dialog and select 'Neutrino NPlus' as firmware.
    Always after settings transfer, go to Neutrino Menu, choose 'Service' and
    then select 'Reload Channel List'.
    More info - visit

    Dreambox Links Web Browser Keys(buttons).
    dream -> menu, arrows up/down(urls), left-right - back/forward,
    ok - Enter, help - page down, mute - page up,
    colors buttons - mouse moving,
    vol+ - mouse click, !Lame - exit, vol- - backspace
    To change screen size - edit /var/tuxbox/config/links/screen.config

    You can access your handheld desktop simultaneously from dreambox
    over a network connection. RealVNC (http: // or
    TightVNC (http: // can be used as a server.
    You must create config file, /var/tuxbox/config/vnc.conf

    scale=1 IP of VNC server, 5900 port of server, test - password,
    1 - size per screen

    More info -

    How to recording P.REMIERE M.USIC S.TUDIO channel
    1. edit if to need - /var_init/etc/mcrec.rc
    2. check /var/tuxbox/start_all
    /bin/sserver -sport 4003 -mcrec -l -r &
    3. make directory /hdd/mcrec
    4. switch to pms-channel
    (Premiere on Astra 1F/1H at 19.2°E,
    tp 69 11798 H, SR 27500 FEC 3/4,
    UK Hits/Hard Rock/Classic Rock/Deutsche Charts...)
    5. main menu
    recording device - server
    recording server IP -
    recording server port - 4003
    stop sectionsd - off
    6. press activate change
    7. main menu
    ->settings->colors/themes/font->OSD timeouts
    Infobar - 20
    8. main menu
    ->settings->save settings
    9. press blue button
    Features menu->Recording start

    We have nothing against modifications to our Enigma/Neutrino
    images, if you follow our small conditions, namely:
    1. The original Readme files must remain in archives with
    your mod image.
    The same counts to all readme and info files within the image.

    How can you check who is original creator of the image?
    There is information in file called ".version" in root
    directory of every image.
    Please, leave it also unchanged.

    2. NO KEYS/RSA/ROM files within your renamed - modified image.
    3. We are glad, NAME of our team(ruDbox) in file names of your
    archives and mod image independently to see,
    e.g. - ruDbox **** _mod_your_name or your_name_mod_ruDbox ***.

    That's all.
    Certainly you cannot follow our requirements and continue
    everything like it is.
    Believe, however, that attention of our friends who use
    our private images is enough for us.

    ruDbox Team
    #dbox2 /Dalnet

  • hi,

    nun auch in der Database :winking_face:

    :guckstdu: Database unter Dreambox - Images DM5600/DM5620 --> Sonstige Images


    K€In€r $†iRb† @L$ JuNgFr@u D@$ $cHicK$@L Fi*K† J€d€n

  • Hi leute hatt jemand das neutrino schon getestet.
    Aufnahmen auf ne 7000er
    wiedergabe geht ja mit enigma auch 1a
    kann mann damit orf stoerungsfrei aufnehmen??
    danke fuer die infos

  • Cooles image mit vielen Einstellungen, nicht sehr einfach zu bedienen wie das Gemini image aber Top Sage ich nur Leider stürzt es bei mir ab wenn ich am
    Rotor Einstellungen vornehme

  • Quote

    Original von albsat
    Das diese Neutrino image gehts mit Flashwizard ?

    Sorry for the english. Failed to install on pc hdd multiboot with pli56xx image in flash. Regards, pcd.

  • pcd

    Hello dude.Did you try to install it on your dm5620 flash also?I heard bad report about this and thus I didn't dare to try it.I don't recommend it at all.

    Somehow your experience on trying to install it on NFS confirms my suspicions.


  • Quote

    Original von albsat

    Hello dude.Did you try to install it on your dm5620 flash also?

    No. I don't risk this now-a-days ! Regards. :grinning_squinting_face:

  • Ist es möglich mit diesem image per lufs(ftpfs) direkt auf eine gemoddete xbox aufzunehmen?

    bei dem image für die dbox2 ist das ja möglich


    Der Hund is wia Katz, klettert nauf an Baum wie a Aff, der Bär

  • hallo

    habe eine 5620s mit o.g. image und bekomme kein premiere zum laufen wer kann mir helfen habe eine s02 karte ??????????????????????

    Philips 46PFL9706K/02 ( Der ist der Hammer )

    DM800se Gemini 3.2 aktuell

    DM920SS Gemini 4 aktuell

  • hallo nochmal wie kriege ich denn ein emu rein und wo kriege ich es her damit premiere funst???

    Philips 46PFL9706K/02 ( Der ist der Hammer )

    DM800se Gemini 3.2 aktuell

    DM920SS Gemini 4 aktuell

  • Quote

    Original von haeufchen226
    hallo nochmal wie kriege ich denn ein emu rein und wo kriege ich es her damit premiere funst???

    image geht prima mit der 5620 dream .. da kommt richtiges dbox2 feeling auf :) wie in guter alter Zeit.

    wie du die Emus reinkriegst kann du im Beschreibungstext lesen..

    manual oder per internet update.