Zombi-Shadow-FHD - styles by Ahmed.

  • Can you share, please?

    After the recent update of the skin (hdsuisse), I don't think you need anything else.

    It now has everything you need, and it also has some cool additions for infobar that the user can easily switch to and use. :winking_face:

    I just made a few simple changes that i needed.


    I've switched to the new AIO Image to see where the journey goes. New Shadow WQHD Skin by zombi looks great but I got used to your styles_user from #164 .

    Will you provide styles_user for the new skin as Zombi-Shadow-FHD development has stopped?

    I don't think I'll switch to the new image at the moment.

    I'm going to wait a while for some bugs to be fixed so i can use it better.