SD Card Images für One/Two mit kernel 6.X

  • Myshel Ich habe eine Dreambox 2. Ich weiß nicht, welche du meinst

  • .Zombie I tried to install via SD card, but it won't start LibreElec Kodi. Everything works as it should, the card just shows the picture and nothing happens. I don't know if I need to insert some script into the SD card, because Kodi simply won't boot.I bought the SD card as you recommended.
    Extreme Pro 200mb 64gb.

  • Hi all, and thanks for the forum!!!

    Uso un dreambox One, y estoy tratando de usar Armbian_23.02.0-trunk_Dreambox_sid_edge_6.1.1_xfce_desktop.img.gz

    I burn to SD card with balena and It starts to boot...arrives here and nothing more happens!! I can write, but nothing more...20230307_205258.jpg

  • I wrote to you on another forum - I'll write here too.

    Loading the image through Balen. ( screen Balena).

    Loading the image through Librelek. (screen LibreELEC USB-SD Creator & folder Armbian throungh USB-SD Creator)

    Try another sd-card, try USB-SD Creator. Experiment.

    Visit this link to download: Armbian through USB-SD

  • Hi again Myshel

    I will try with this one, but with Balena and 3 different SD cards, alwais finish in the same point.

    With Librelec SD creator, I told you, It says Writing error (in 2 different computers and with 3 different cards...) so I cannot do it...

    I will try more...and will tell, if someone find another solution...will be great!!

  • I've tried all kinds of ways and I don't think it's the SD card, the problem is something else, but I don't know what.

  • When I install the CorElec image on the SD card, it installs without any problems

  • 4th SD card...8Gb, 32Gb and 2 x 64Gb....with Balena, Librelec SD and I also think thats not the problem...

  • The problem is not with SD-Card.

    The problem is not in the loaders (Balena, ....).

    The problem is not in the image (I and others succeeded).

    Interesting... :thinking_face:

  • .Myshel, when it works at your place, send that image so we can try and see if it's up to us. I think many people have problems installing it. It can't be up to the sd card, if I try to install CorElec - and it works without problems, then it's not up to the SD card. At least it is logically. I don't have a dreambox since yesterday, so I don't know how to install something in a dreambox. I think it's very simple to install it in an SD card, but if it won't run on the SD card, it doesn't have to be a problem with the SD card. I would like to that you can help us if it works for you without any problems. :thinking_face:

  • .Lokonai wrote it nicely. So, out of the many SD cards there are, can I not use Myshel on any of them? The name is very strange, but I hope that you will help us solve the problem. :winking_face:

  • I really don't know how to help!

    I have 3 sd-card. For the sake of experimentation, I have been playing Armbian, CoreELEC, and LibreELEC over the past week.

    Everything works well.


  • Here I give you a suggestion. Record a video of how you install it on dreambox two via SD card, then record a small video of how you install it. You certainly don't need more than 5 seconds to start it as you said. :thumbs_up:

  • Especially for you.

    On the video, I say "Pause" - this is for recording - it lasts about 5 minutes. You do nothing in the program.

    On the video, I say, "Record" is the resumption of recording.

    You don't do anything in the program.

    mp4: 20230309_190613 Armbian.mp4
    Посетите эту ссылку, чтобы посмотреть видео: 20230309_190613 Armbian.mp4

  • Code
    Armbian için dreambox 2'ye hangi dosyayı yüklememiz gerekiyor?

    DM TWO
    DMMUnstable - Dreambox OS/GP 4.2

  • Do not put any file in Dreambox Two.

    File (image) from post #1 put on the SD-card. Insert SD into Dream Two.

    Read posts #1-38.

    Watch video post #38.