Dreambox One with USB DVB-T tuner

  • Hello

    I have a few USB DVB-T tuners I would like to use with the Dreambox one but not sure how to get them working. I have some RTL2832 and Hauppauge Win TV SoloHD and other too. I get unsupported device when connected to the box. Is there any info on getting the tuners detected as I cannot seem to find anything to help me. I tried a few different images but cannot see something like USB DVB drivers in feeds like the 2.5 boxes. Thanks

  • Hello, i had the same problem. No drivers for the Dreambox Two.

    The only one that works is the Sundtek MediaTV Digital Home III, they have drivers for it. I received it today and it works. The only problem is that it is a bit expensive.

  • I would recommend to buy a Dreambox one Combo...