Question about skin Zombi Shadow FHD

  • Hi zombi

    First of all must say you do amazing skins and for the users the skin is maybe the most important part of the whole experince.

    But now to my question and its about your Shadow FHD skin but applies to all your skins.

    You have this nice feature where we can "Style" the skin and i wonder if it would be possible to make a style choice for Channel Select screen.

    Now today when IPTV have become very popular we need more space for long names and accully some Satellite names get longer and longer also.

    I have attached a screens shot so you can see what i talk about.

    Wider listbox for channels to make more space and of cause it will impact the right side getting smaller but i think it would work just fine.

    The # sign before channel names just shows that the channel have catchup avalible ;)

    Update :)

    I did read in the skin file its OK do changes my self so i hade a go my self and

    I have figure out how to modify the screen but i cant figure out how to adapt the background to my changes??

    See screenshot nr 2

    Best Regards Seagen

    chiptv.jpg   chlistback.jpg