DM 800HD se has no sound

  • Hi

    I have a DM 800 se and I have CVS+G3 image running on it.
    Since couple of days ago device has no sound on any channel. I did reset factory
    but it didn't work and I even installed a fresh image on it and still there is no sound.
    The picture is awesome and every other thing is alright.
    I tried other HDMI ports on TV but there was no change.

    Please help me how can I fix it?


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    Originally posted by komisch
    Another HDMI Kabel?

    I checked with another cable but unfortunately no sound.
    May be it is a hardware problem. I don't know.

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    Originally posted by komisch
    Connect the box to another TV

    Actually I have no other TV.
    This TV is now working with an android box and a digital terrestrial receiver
    without any problem.
    I think TV is OK.