Ntfs read/write

  • i have dm900 with last unestable oe2.5 image installed.
    I would like to be able write/read on a usb stick in ntfs format.
    i need that a e2 picon updater write the new picons in the location where are stored, the usb.

    i try to give permission to the folders but doesnt works. Anybody know if only installing this drivers Ntfs-3g its enough?

    or i should install all in this post Ntfs-3g und exfat-utils - OE2.5 - mipsel/armhf

    Other option is use exfat3 how i can enable exfat in gp4?


  • i have to check i only try to fornat my usb in fat32, ntfs and exfat32 because were the options that windows 10 gave me.

    i check how format usb in ext4