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Wir haben aktuell ein Problem mit dem Board und arbeiten an der Lösung...

-> Aktuell bereiten wir das Upgrade auf die aktuelle Version 6 von Woltlab vor.
  • Same here with the patched file:

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    Originally posted by drops98
    pcd, exactly same issue I was trying to explain in an earlier post.

    Once I install the plugin on my DM900 the box seems to start the plugin, but no content is being displayed at all. Any key press ends up with the error symbol you get if you press a key not assigned to any functionality, during this process no ouput.log is getting created.

    All that helps to exit the plugin is either executing reboot command via Telnet / SSH, or forcing a cold reboot via on/off switch.

    Sorry drops98, I do not have anybody at present to help debug the plugin on DM900. It is working on the DM820hd and Dream One with oe 2.5 images - so it should work with the 900 also. If you can help - please pm to me. Regards.

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  • bei mir läuft es.

    DM920, DM8000
    Panasonic TX-43CXW754
    Panasonic SC-ALL30+2x SC-ALL2
    Wavefrontier t55
    8°w, 4/5°w, 0,8°w, 4,8°e, 9°/10°e, 13°e, 16°e, 19°e, 23°e, 28°e
    Standort Wien

  • at Daserste i can watch a video, that was what i mean with picture!
    at Iplayer i select a video but the video doesnt start ame at RaiTV and YTsports

    but at showtime a got a greenscreen!

  • Re. Showtime

    Please replace the file -
    with the attached - Restart enigma - then try Showtime again.

    Re. iplayer

    In your last post - what is this word 'ame' :-
    'video doesnt start ame at RaiTV and YTsports'
    Please write in your language - I can translate.

  • ok, i thought y can see that the Film starts because at the log are the url of the films!

    - i start WebMedia
    - go to Showtime
    - most popular movies-most popular movies by year-2020-

    -> Der Unsichtbare-Seriesonline- (no entry)
    Der Unsichtbare-Gowatcherseries- (no entry)
    Der Unsichtbare-Cmoviestv- (no entry)

    -> Spencer Confidentail-Seriesonline- 2 entries (both of them start the film)

    -> Onward: Keine halben Sachen-Seriesonline- (no entry)
    Onward: Keine halben Sachen-Gowatcherseries- (no entry)
    Onward: Keine halben Sachen-Cmoviestv- (no entry)

    -> Sonic the Hedgehog- 2 entries (both of them start the film)

  • Thanks. So two films Spencer and hedgehog worked. Every item will not work because some uploads may be deleted.
    Shall I make a plugin update?

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  • Sorry, I forgot. Re. RaiTV, Iplayer, YTsports - if these are still not working - can you please run them again and post the log.


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  • attached are the logs!

    the idea of the plugin is good! but its to slow and the picture from the stream will not shown!

  • onlydb

    1. 'Error', 'BBC iPlayer TV programmes are available to play in the UK only.'

    2. Rai also is mainly restricted to Italy. See screenshot.

    3. Some addons do not have pictures. In Config (first screen) - set thumbpic to 'no'.
    This will make the plugin faster.