stable OE2.6 (pyro) Original Dream ONE Ultra HD

  • Code
    enigma2: update to 4.4.1r11
    - fixed several scaling problems
    - fixed service searching (broken since 4.4.1r10)
    - added core function and skin converter to query and show currently used video codec
    - prepare for screenshots (driver and kernel update needed)
  • Code
    dreambox-dvb-modules: update to 20190624r0 (dreamone)
    - add videograbber
    - fixed for ts/m2ts playback without meta files
    - fixed possible video decoder problems (mainly on first tuner)
  • Code
    enigma2: 4.4.1r12
    - working on screenshot support (no HEVC yet)
    - fixed pause for media playback
    - fixed deadlocks caused by broken audio streams
    - fixed DVB subtitles on SD services
    - fixed skipping forward/backward on live audio/video streams

    dreambox-dvb-modules: update to 20190627r0 (dreamone)
    - fixes for videograbber
    - optimized VIDEO_GET_PTS ioctl
    - fixed possible kernel oops in h264 decoder
  • Code
    enigma2: 4.4.1r13
    - fixed audio only playback (broken since 4.4.1r12)
    - added support for 24bit PCM (fixes playback of HQ FLAC audio)
    - more stable audio track changes, skipping forward/backward and pause

  • Code
    dreambox-dvb-modules: update to 20190707r0 (dreamone)
    - added videograbber interface compatible to amlogic videograbber
    - allow multiple concurrent videograbber users
    - fixed wrongly sent first pts events
  • Code
    enigma2: 4.4.1r15
    - hbbtv video player fixes
    - fixed possible Alsa Output crash
    - eListbox: don't react when attributes are re-set to current value
    - ignore hdmitx hpd events when in idle mode
  • Code
    enigma2: 4.4.1r16
    - reverted change (eLabel: fix blending issues (always use dedicated pixelbuffer))
    this change caused some FHD skin problems (ge2d timeouts), need more investigation later
    - fixed video screenshots
    - fixed crash in inputdevice setup when change repeat or delay
  • 09.10.2019

    enigma2: 4.4.1r18
    - only allow skipping forward/backward with number buttons for amlogic based STBs... no fast winding yet
    - fixed progressive/interlaced and framerate detection
    - prevent "[eAudioPlayback] Unhandled samplerate: -1" spam on DVB services with AAC Audio
    - fixed broken "eServiceEvent::getBeginTimeString" (broken since 4.4.1r17
    - allow to use getNimSlotInputName as demod description even for tuners with only one hardware input connector (One Combo)
    - some improvements/fixes for new HLS/Dash service
    - some python changes for easier migration to python3


  • Code
    dreambox-dvb-modules: 20191119r0
    - added possibilty to configure the sync mode via /proc/stb/video/sync_mode (slow = slow motion sync, black = black screen until synced, hold = hold first frame until synced)
  • 23.11.2019

    enigma2: 4.4.2r1
    - fixed possible segfault on startup
    - added new font for virtual keyboard
    - added missing imports to Components.TemplatedMultiContentComponent (thx to dre)
  • Hier mal der Vollständigkeit halber die Updates der letzten Zeit (wie immer nur enigma2 und die dvb-modules):

    dreambox-dvb-modules: update dreamone drivers to 4.9-20200213
    - added trickmode support

    enigma2: 4.4.2r3
    - fixed media db crashes

    dreambox-dvb-modules: update to 20200218
    - improved support for TS/M2TS files
    - fixed pixelation for some h264 movies (broken since 20200213 drivers)
    - fixed deadlock on playback ts files / movies with errors (broken since 20200213 drivers)

    enigma2: 4.4.2r4
    - fixed crashes caused by broken media database after update from 4.4.2r2 to 4.4.2r3
    update from 4.4.2r1 to 4.4.2r3 was no problem...

    enigma2: 4.4.2r5
    - fallback to white foreground color for text subtitles when missing in skin
    - some HLS/Dash improvements
    - don't write to mediadb when disabled in menu

    Ab dem 18.05.2020 ist das dann der "stable-Zweig" (pyro-stable). Siehe Beitrag von Ghost im DP-Forum.
    Wenn @RVD hier mitliest, könnte er den Thread und den Link umbenennen, ansonsten das Team?

    Für den neuen pyro(-unstable) gibt es einen neuen Thread (ab enigma2 4.5.x).