Drembox DM800PVR/PC external HDD

  • Hello Dreambox peoples, please help me. I have the Drembox DM800PVR and would like an external hard disc drive that I could use for the PC at the same time. However, DM has an eSATA port and the PC has USB port. How do I solve the problem? What do you recommend? Thanks in advance.

  • Connect to where you want (PC or Box) and create a network share (SMB or NFS) and mount with the choosen protocol on the other device.

  • Thank you Bundy00, but we did not understand. I do not yet have an external hard drive, and I do not know what to buy. Which should allow me to connect it to the DM over the esat, and later to the PC via USB. Do you have a proposal, which in practice proved to be good, and where can I buy it?

  • Uhhhh... If you don't know where to buy an external hard disk I can't help a lot. :rolleyes:
    If you do not have any experience with external disks this will become a long story.
    Just use a standard external disk with USB and connect to your PC or (with USB/eSATA adapter) to your box and then create a network share.
    Google is your friend. There is no special required hard disk - it does'nt matter at all. I would recommend a 2.5'' drive - but this depends on what you want to do.

    What do you want to achieve?

  • I understand the problem is not really, the DM 800 but has a usb connection for external usb disks.
    Only the DM 500HD has esata without usb.

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  • Thank you Bundy00 and tiroler2. My DM is the original and it has an esata port that is intended for an external hard drive. It also has 2 USB Host Connector ports. Tell me if I can connect an external hard drive to some of these 2 USB ports or is it just esata port?

  • Of course you can connect an external USB harddrive to one the the USB port of the Box. But im 100% sure you have to use an external power supply for the drive if you use a 2.5'' drive. 3.5'' drives need power supply by default.

  • Thank you Bundy00. Now you've solved one problem. That means I can buy a standard external hard drive, and they all have a USB port, and I do not have to look for a specific one next to the USB and the esata port. I'm just asking you to explain what you said about the power supply. If I understand it well, I only plug in 3.5 "disc via USB. I think they told me in the store that the WD 2.5 "drive does not have a special power supply, but that everything goes via USB. Please explain that to me.

  • If you choose a 2,5'' USB drive then you may have to use something like this: USB Hub
    Some USB ports have enough power - some not. Your PC should not need it - for the Box you have to test it. If the drive spins up and is recognized by the box you have the luck. If not you need a hub.

  • Thank you Bundy00. Now you've completely solved the problem. And here's why it came about. In the original user manual, the hard disk is explained that it can be placed in a resiver via a SATA port, or an external portable eSATA port. Since there is nowhere to be said that an external hard drive can be used USB, I had a problem. Nowhere in stores or on the Internet I did not find an external hard drive that has an eSATA and a USB port, which I need for DM and PC. That's why I needed help. Once again, thank you. All the best for you.