Picons on usb pen

  • Good morning:

    I have a question / problem that I have no solution yet.
    I finally switched to GP4, after always having GP3.on my DM920 with experimental image.

    All right except the picons.

    Previously i had the picons divided by size in folders inside the piconorg placed in a usb pen and there was a path to it (usb) on the picons path.
    Now I can not get the picons to read the picons of the USB stick, there is no way; just for for locations of the image itself.
    I have not lost much time reading here, if this question has already been asked, but the German translation is not always reliable.

    Is there a way to put my picons on a usb pen working?


  • you have different ways.

    Some Extensions für DreamOS/E2 can change the picon path.
    or you can use symlink.

    but an SD Card is an better solutions as an USB pen.

  • But on the other hand I found a very informative post from Zombi, about Gemini widgets.


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    Warum ist SD-Karte besser als Stick?

    Würde mich auch interessieren.

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