No HD Channels

  • Hello All.

    I have a DM 800 HD PVR Genuine Box - BSBE2 -401A (862001G) Made in Japan and have got GP5.1 installed.

    I use Astra 19.2 Astra 28.2 and Hotbird.

    I can receive all SD channels on all these satelites but no HD channels.

    Dish is set up perfectly, I have tested it on an old receiver and I also borrowed my frends DM800 which he has a clone but hiis channels SD and HD work.

    I am using the Original box and original power supply but no joy.

    Also I can say that I have changed and swapped images but still no joy.

    I have scanned channels myself and also I have used channels lists.

    Can someone please help.

    Thanks very much in advance.

  • If you have an original Dreambox 800, then it's at least 8 years old (DMM stopped producing the "original" DM800 back in 2010 and "replaced" it with the DM800HD SE...

    And for the HD channels:
    - Are they listed? If not, there might be a problem with your tuner and/or your satellite dish setup (maybe LNB not supporting the lowband)...
    - If the HD channels are listed, can you please check whether you can watch an unencrypted program like "Das Erste HD" or "ZDF HD"? They should work "out-of-the-box".