Few questions about cross-compile.env in OE 2.5

  • Hello,

    Wondering if someone is so kind and have some time to explain, if possible with samples, how I may use these commands in OE 2.5 environment for a dm900 image build?

    I would like to play around, trying to add a driver or a plugin using a custom recipes. There are only few lines as explanation in the online doc, not enough though...

    I am not a linux guru but I'd love to learn new things. Hope I will get some useful answers from developers.

    Thank you.

  • commands = for cross-compile

    Image and bitbake:

    cd .../opendreambox
    source bitbake.env
    mkdir build/dm900/cross
    copy source files to cross
    cd build/dm900/cross/source_directory
    oe_runconf --help
    oe_runconf 'options'
    oe_runmake -j2

    gruß pclin