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  • Pro Tv 0,8w :)


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  • Monday, September 4, Viasat launches four new sports channels under the brand name Viasport. The former channels Viasat Sport, Viasat Motor, Viasat Hockey and Viasat Football are deleted

    Viasport 2 - 1_0_19_AFA_24_56_300000_0_0_0

    Viasport 3 - 1_0_19_B22_24_56_300000_0_0_0


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  • TV3 Denmark is closing its dedicated sports channel TV 3 Sport 2 in favour of a broader men’s channel, dubbed TV3 MAX

    The restructuring takes place on 31 October.

  • Just so everyone knows it!

    You put that package on the digsat download years ago by yourself, and you made them spesific for PP team when you were a member for a short time. The deal was that PP team could use your "made for ppteam" picon packages., and that we have done. If you want me to link to posts on digsat.net that shows everybody what you said back then, I sure will do! They are really really old packages, so I'm damn sure nobody has bothered to download them at all.

    Its pretty clear for everybody that you hate the PP team and everybody around you. And I can tell you that you most likely would have spread your picons much wider through the PP image than you have up this today.

    So shut up and stop screaming everywhere you are! It makes every Norwegian embarrased!

    BTW: This guy showed up in digsat.net yesterday and spamed all the forums with screaming posts. Got banned, and jumpt over here to scream some more. I suggest that this guy also get banned on iHAD. He can crawl back to his own forum in norway, where he is totaly alone, because of his attitude.

  • Quote

    Originally posted by dalmore
    Because of Norwegian PP-Team stealing my work, I will no longer make my picons Public

    Time to grow up, this never stops.
    Picon that currently exists on digsat.net have you uploaded yourself a long time ago.
    Time to put the case dead.
    Things made in forums are to be shared, no one has exclusive rights.

  • @dalmore

    bitte lasse dich nicht entmutigen und veröffentliche deine Picons bitte weiterhin, für die User hier im Board.

    Ich kenne das Problem selbst auch, wenn man wenigsten so fair wäre und den Ersteller nennen würde, wäre das ja ok.

    Viele Grüße

    "Kaum macht man es richtig, .... schon geht es!"

    "Machen ist wie wollen, nur krasser!"

  • Warum werden die "PeterPan"- User hier nicht gesperrt und die Beiträge gelöscht?
    Der Ton macht immer noch die Musik und das ist hier schon sehr grenzwertig!

    Suche aktuelle Kanallisten (lamedb - aktuelle Suche mit OE2.5/2.6-Image) von:
    • Französische Schweiz (Westschweiz, Romandie, Suisse romande)

    • RFT-Kabel Brandenburg

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