eCommander oe2 dm8000

  • As far as I forgot the dm password, Tried to modified the file (var/etc)
    passwd & passwd-

    opened eCommander not able to find way to edit such files
    deleting such files what happen?? dm i generating new one with password dreambox?

    thank for your kind help

  • The default username and password are root and dreambox

    Try that and see if it lets you log on.

  • default there is no password

  • Thank you for your suggestion.
    After deeply investigation, I discovered following statement.

    Dreambox password is still in and valid (I found it)
    If I connect Dreambox with DCC, the connection is done to Dreambox
    but not to the router. The "Cheching network..." is stayng fix.
    In such situation (at bottom of screen) the color is green for FTP
    connected and Telnet connected.
    Entering in Telnet mode Commands are allowed and performing.
    Entering FTP mode nothing i visible.

    If I use Filezilla connection is done awaiting welcome message but
    after 20 sec connection is closed and trying new one without result.

    Using dreamboxEdit is possible to load new settings without any problem.
    Pratically there are no possibility to connect dreambox via FTP with PC.
    All programs mention above, I used since years without any problem.

    I do not have idea what happens.
    many thanks

  • After time I arrived to a conclusion that DCC is't working fine with Windows 10.
    Infact when I started Win 10 DCC works properly, but after some Win update DCC is useable only with telnet.
    I use also an old Pc with win xp: in such case DCC works fine.
    best regards