[multistream] Dreambox 900 mit Tripletuner

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    Originally posted by dhwz
    Si216.2C55 MIS yes, PLS no
    Si216.2D60 MIS yes, PLS yes

    the new tuner is based on Si216.2C55 or Si216.2D60 ?

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    Originally posted by dhwz
    Combo S2X/C/T2 = Si21692C55, same as the already available Combo C/T2
    A coming (no date) S2X tuner is based on Si21662D60 (not officially approved)

    so dreamboxes OS users wich want PLS must wait for on other time !
    and may be wait to 2018or i don't know!...a other tuner based on Si21662D60.

  • dhwz
    Yes i read but not understoodcan you explain please ?
    it's possible to modify your existing first tuner C55 to D60 easily ?
    so PLS will be OK soon on our DM !

  • No not the new one, the old one which was already sold with DM900 Si21662-B22 DVB-S2 Twin.

    I wouldn't say easily but possible but you need some professional who is able to replace the QFN, something like that https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_1PXEp0RQ7s
    You can't do it by yourself and you'll lose warranty.


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  • dhwz
    yes like you said on dxtv :

    " PS: Weil du QFN rework ansprichst, den Chip kann man mit 99%iger Wahrscheinlichkeit einfach austauschen und er wird funktionieren (weil es ein Universaltreiber ist), also B22->D60 "
    so it will be nice if the operation will succeeds and we will see PLS soon on our DM ;)

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    Originally posted by godmode
    mein tripletuner kommt heute mittag hoffentlich an, bin mal gespannt ob alles hier im Mischbetrieb mit Unitymedia funktioniert....

    warte auch auf diesen Tuner und zwar wegen DVBS2X und Multistream. Hoffentlich programmiert Dream den Multistreamempfang ohne PLS

  • Das wird aber langsam langweilig, mit deinem multistream in zig boards :rolleyes:

    Panasonic TX50-EXW784
    Panasonic SC-ALL70TEGK / SC-ALL2 wireless 5.1 Soundbar
    dm8000, dm7080, dm800sev2, dm900-dvb-s2-unicable, dm900-dvb-s2-multisat


  • Thanks for screenshots
    but on 12,5°W try with symbol rate 36510 not 36512 please

    12718 H
    Multistream 36510 5/6
    input stream id : 33 and 34 and 35 and 36
    you must scan each strem id
    you must do a scan manual for 4 times with the 4 stream id

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    Originally posted by New_User
    dvb-sx2 = ok
    dvb-sx2 blindscan = ok
    multistream = not working yet

    can you also test t2-mi on astra 4,8°E
    12188 H
    MPEG-4 30000 5/6
    STREAM ID : 10
    STREAM ID : 20

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    Originally posted by Elul
    16APSK Feeds funktionieren übrigens auch ...

    4:4:2 ?

  • Dvb s2x nicht so sehr wichtig noch heutzutage nur 2 Frequenzwort, vielleicht in Zukunft..MIS / PLS Ich bin jetzt so wichtig