Plugin KodiLite.v.2.1 - New version

  • Hello Friends,

    Attached is a simple plugin KodiLite to use Kodi type addons in enigma2 boxes (those that do not have Kodi proper) . I hope you find it useful.

    Latest version : KodiLite.v.2.1

    Latest update : kodilite_update20170422 (attached below)

    Update install method : Unzip attachment and ftp to folder /usr. Restart enigma.

    New in KodiLite.v.2.1

    (1) Install script.modules, repositories and plugin addons from /tmp, usb or hdd storage directly without ftp.

    (2) Install plugin addons online from KodiLite tested list, Kodi official repositories and user installed unofficial repositories.

    (3) In addition to -, plugin.image and plugin.picture addons are also supported.

    (4) Thumbpic views (single and gallery) are supported. Some images may need python-image and python-imaging.

    (5) Full hd skins supported.

    Note: Only requested addons will be made available and maintained. If you want any other (or get error with any uploaded addon) - please post your request.

    Method : Tested Kodi addons can be installed online via button "Install addons" and deleted via button "Delete addons" in first screen. Addons will be updated online when necessary. Any other Kodi addons can be tested by ftp to folder /usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins/Extensions/KodiLite/plugins.

    Tips: For any stream - first use 'Play'. If the stream stops - if you see 33% 66% etc - try 'Play with hlsplayer'. Otherwise try 'Play with tsplayer'. Last resort 'Play with vlc'.

    Regards, pcd.

    Tested (and some modified) Kodi addons :-

    ##### Movies (many items include tv)####

    ##### TV ####

    ##### Sport ####

    ##### IPTV ####

    ##### Kids & Fun ####

    ##### Music Youtube & Co ####

    ##### Adult(18+) Protect with Parental PIN ####

    ##### International ####

    -------------------------- Deutsche --------------------------

    -------------------------- French --------------------------

    -------------------------- Indian/Pakistani -------------

    -------------------------- Italian --------

    -------------------------- Spanish -----------------

    -------------------------- Turkish --------------------------

  • Have you a deb version for oe2.5 ?

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  • 20170412

    New and updated addons now available via KodiLite list :- - IPTV - Movies - Picture/Image
    plugin.picture.bromix.break - Picture/Image - Audio - Audio - TV

    Regards, pcd.

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  • 20170423

    New plugin update attached to Post 1.
    It was necessary because the KodiLite server was upgraded.

    New and updated addons now available via KodiLite list :- - Italian - Italian -Music Youtube & Co - Adult 18+

    Regards, pcd.

  • 20170517

    New addons now available via KodiLite list :- - Adult18+ - International-Albanian - International-Turkish

    Regards, pcd

  • Quote

    Originally posted by Gorgone
    whats about the dm900 support

    Sorry, I do not have a dm900 to test. There is no binary in the plugin. So - just unpack the .ipk file and put the plugin in the Extensions folder. Then add the update.

    If you have any difficulty - please ask.

  • Quote

    Originally posted by hackeurs50
    Is it possible to install the plugin livestreampro
    On kodi lite?
    thank you

    What do you want to do with livestreampro ? Please explain - then I can tell you KodiLite already has an addon to do that. If not - I can make one easily.


  • Hello
    I use livestreampro and f4mtester (shani08)
    For the iptv car I have link and regex for this one
    If it does not bother you I want you to make one with livestreampro and f4mtester
    thank you

  • 20170527

    New addon now available via KodiLite list :- - IPTV - put user m3u files and links in addon folders m3u_files and m3u_links

    Regards, pcd.

  • is kodi light going for a dream dm525?

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  • Quote

    Originally posted by Dragonlee
    is kodi light going for a dream dm525?

    Please unpack the ipk, find the plugin, and ftp the plugin to folder


    Test it and if you have any problem - please ask for help here.

    Sorry I do not have a dm525 to test myself. Regards.

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  • i hope its work on dm900 thanks

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  • 20170606

    New and updated addons now available via KodiLite list:- - International - Albanian International - Albanian International - Albanian International - Arabic - IPTV - Turkish

    These addons are also available via the attached repository - which works also with Kodi in Android and windows.

    Regards, pcd.