[unstable/experimental] OE2.5 Original Dream OS Image 820HD

  • Es gibt neue Images von Dream. Diese sind wirklich unstable!

    Bitte Fehler im Dreamboard melden!

    Und das Gemini Plugin lässt sich noch nicht installieren!


  • Mal wieder ein Up

    enigma2: 4.3.1r17
    - show the ConfigSet help dialog in tuner configuration
    - use smaller font for ConfigSet help dialog (needed for LNBs/switches with much SCRs)
    - moved Kathrein EXD unicable entries from LNB to Switch section
    - fixed some more issues for tuners with multiple inputs and multiple channels (e.g. BCM45208 FBC tuner)


    Treiber für DM820

    update dm820 hardware drivers (fixed opengl)


  • Code
    enigma2: some small patches
    - Default-FHD: put back some values to default-fhd for backwards compat with some plugins
    - keymap: improve keyboard support (thx to pclin)
    - plugins: update keymaps for better keyboard usability! (thx to pclin)
    - Converter/ServiceInfo: re-add evVideoSizeChanged to "Framerate" interesting events to fix not visible framerate on first service start
    - ScanSetup: fixed broken blinscan with Si216x2-D60 after partial range blindscan

    update dreambox hardware drivers
    - dm900/dm920 fixed a unicable problem with bcm45208 fbc tuner
    - fixed a possible kernel oops on services without pcr pid
  • Gab noch ein kleines Update

    enigma2: 4.3.1r27
    - fixed segfault caused by streamserver on enigma2 startup
    - fixed crash on opening movielist