Image for DM500 that supports OpenVPN?

  • Hi,

    Does anyone know if there is an image in the DM500 database that supports OpenVPN?

    Vielen dank

  • Hm, GP3 Plugin supports openvpn.

  • Oh no, I´m really sorry ;( ;( ;( ;( ;( ;( ;( ;(

  • DM500plus and DM500 is not the same. DM500plus is AFAIK more like DM600, but it could work beacuse they have the same architecture.
    Have you tried openpli?

  • I tried to install openpli yesterday with the "root.cramfs" method and it crashed my box. So now I have to get a crossover cable and flash using DreamUP instead.

    I could give DM500plus & VPNa shot :)


  • The DM500 should always flashed with a rs232 cable (and rj45 for more spped). Flashing it with the "root.cramfs" method is not a good idea. ;)

  • Got a rs232 cable and downloaded DreamUp.

    The computer has only got 1 COM port: COM1

    When i push "Connect" in DreamUP and plug in the DM500 afterwards, nothing happens.

    I tested the RS232 cable and COM port with the "loopback test", where you put a copper wire in pins 2 and 3, and connect to the COM port using PuTTy. It was sending me back what i was typing on the keyboard, which means that both the cable and COM port on my desktop computer work.

    On the DM500 the green LED is lighting up when i plug in the power supply and the hardware is getting hot over time. Sometimes the green LED will go out after a couple of minutes.

    Does this mean that my box is dead?


  • Which version of dreamup do you use? It can be that you need a older one.
    BTW: Are you sure this is an genuine (and not a clone) box?

  • Im not sure if its original or not :/

    Tried with some different versions of DreamUp.

    Got a second DM500-S today which has a boot loop problem, and DreamUP cant find that one either :S

  • Hm, i guess it is not a genuine. Can you make a picture from the rear of the box?

  • First:


    you have to write image shack (without space) before .com - the forum removes it for some reason :(

  • Please take a photo from inside the box (mainboard) and append the picture directly in the forum.

  • Hm, not 100% sure, but looks like this are not genuin boxes.
    A pic from inside could bring light in the dark.

  • Main board images attached. The leftmost is the new one with the boot loop problem and the rightmost is the first box.


    • ny.jpg

      (125.17 kB, downloaded 160 times, last: )
    • gammel.jpg

      (123.26 kB, downloaded 153 times, last: )

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  • clone + clone.

    no support.


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  • Why you think this is a clone?

    But when it is a clone then it explains why the box is dead after flashing. ;)