don't show subtitle

  • Hi
    I have a problem when subtitle display.
    Unfortunately for my subtitle will not be displayed.
    subtitle name & movie name is the same. Even when I choose subtitle, subtitle does not come again.

    Interestingly, this problem does not exist with Media player2.

  • For me subtitles are shown.

    Does this answer help you? I think no, because there is no information in it. But noone can give you a sufficient answer if you don't give us some details.

    Which Box?
    Which Image?
    Which movie files? Especially container (ts, mkv, avi,...?) and codec (H.264, MPEG2,... ?) are necessary information.
    Which subtitles? Which format, which file format (srt, vob, sub,...)?

    And what is MediaPlayer2???

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  • Which enigma2 version??

    mkv + srt works fine here. Is the .srt properly formated? UTF-8 and Unix-style line breaks should do it.

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  • I use the latest version of CVS OE2.0.
    Yes. Subtitle mod is utf8 and standards. However, the subtitle will not be displayed.
    In the past, I did not have this problem.
    In your opinion, what is the problem?

  • Although he did not respond. But the problem of the skin.
    I've used the skins Zombi Full HD. With replacing the skins, the problem was solved.