DM800HD PVR - geminiopenvpn - TUN/TAP driver module autoload

  • Hi, I have recently spent quit a lot time to make the OpenVPN working.
    One of the things I struggled with was to make the "Universal TUN/TAP device driver" load automatically after reboot.

    Not sure if it is the image for the DM800HD PVR self (dreambox-image-dm800-20151205.nfi) or the issue with installing the geminiopenvpn - 0.15-r2 plugin with --force-depends parameter, because otherwise it would never install as there is no kernel-module-bridge package for the mips32el-nf platform available.
    I am using the OpenVPN in tunneling mode eg. with "dev tun" parameter in configs. So there is no need for the dependent kernel-module-bridge package in this case.

    Here are the steps I had to do to make the box load the tun driver module.

    hope it helps to save somebody some time;)

    have fun


    PS: Sorry for writing in English, but in the meantime I am better at it than in German. You don't need to keep this thread in English, I can answer in German if somebody needs an explanation :winking_face: