Plugin KodiDirect.v.3.0 for OE 2.2

  • New addon now available via Get more..-> KodiDirect list :- - (in IPTV section) - view international tv.

    Regards, pcd.

  • Hello,
    Today I found that KodiDirect does not start anymore. Instead of the main-menu I get during a minute or so a spinner that block all other activity. Then after some seconds the spinner starts again and this repeats a couple of times. In the meantime I haven't changed anything. Removing KodiDirect and reinstall it does not help.

    I have really no idea how to troubleshoot this. Any idea?


  • It seems the xtrend-alliance server is down. Their forum is also off-line. So I do not know what is happening.

    But do not worry. I will make a new version v.4 in a day or two - which will not use their server.


  • Excellent, VCD! Didn't know that there was a dependancy. Luckily the good old Android-stick with XBMC saved my Saturday night. Good luck with V4!

  • Hello,

    As of one or two weeks ago I don't get any of the channel that are provided with the plugins. One is the "hellenicTv" and the other already installed one, the "YouTube". On "YouTube" I don't get any response on whatsoever I try, on "hellenicTv" I get an empty picture. I checked the resources where the plugin gets it's information but these are reachable and also the lifestreams of the channels are working. Does anyone know what the problem is?

    Many thanks!

  • My Dear Community,

    after having a bit of time I tried to install the kodi plug in on my DM7080. I gotta say, it was a bit though with the error Messages in the beginning, but finally managed to get it run.

    I installed the uktvnow add on for Kodi and it is running so far. But here Comes the problem.

    On my Computer the channel HGTV is working fine on live stream nbr. 2. On the dm7080 live stream nbr. 2 is showing only the Video without the Audio.
    Can anyone help me out on that issue? Does anyone know why there is no Audio on the dm7080? Other channels running well without any Problems.

    Thanks for your Support!

  • I was also struggling with problem. It seems that there are some online-dependencies that are not available anymore. After some googling I found on the other forum this article:…cedure-from-10-june-2016/

    To be honest, I was not able to test is by myself yet. Maybe this helps for you.


  • 20160903

    New and updated addons now available via KodiDirect list :- (IPTV) - Live tv (Adult 18+) - Search 14 adult sites for keywords

    Regards, pcd.

  • 20161016

    New and updated addons now available via KodiDirect list :- (Italian) (IPTV) (IPTV) Daily updated live tv servers.

    Checked most movie addons and adult addons - working ok. Any not working - please report.

    Play method vlc is now available - for iptv links that do not play with other methods. Install vlc 2.0.5 on server computer and allow permission as usual. Press Toggle button in vlc. If you need help - please ask.

    Regards, pcd.

  • Quote

    All these addons need user/password. I do not have them. Also they are probably not available for uk. So I cannot test. Sorry !

    KodiDirect has many sports addons. Do they not work ?

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  • Laut dem Log ist das weder OE2.5, noch hast du KodiDirect installiert und die Crashursache ist IPTVworld.

  • 20161130

    New and updated addons now available via KodiDirect list (tested OE2.0, OE2.2, OE2.5) :- (German) (German)
    TurkvodE2 (Turkish) - If installed - delete and re-install

    Tip - If using KodiDirect with OE2.5 - install skin default-HD.

    Regards, pcd.

  • 20161205

    New and updated addons now available via KodiDirect list (tested OE2.0, OE2.2):- (German) (German) (German) (German) (German) (German) (German) (German) (German) (German) (German)

    Regards, pcd

  • Habe da mal eine Frage,

    wie kann man das Plugin Kodidirekt in die DM900 installieren?
    Das Kodidirekt OE2.5 hat keine Dateiendung um es direkt von der Dreambox zu installieren nach DCC Transfer.

    In welchen order der Dreambox 900 UHD kommt das plugin rein?
    Benötigt man eine Festplatte für um die Medien zu puffern?
    Benötig man ein usb stick? Geht wohl schwer wenn der Wlan stick drin steckt...
    Für Infos wurde ich mich freuen

  • Ich habe irgendwie die gesamte Datei Order in eine Pyton/Extension ordner transferiert und anschliesend Gui Restart durchgeführt.

    Danach hatte ich das KodiDirekt im Menü gehabt.
    Nur lässt sich das ganze nicht vernüftig bedienen und auch nicht an einem 65"-4K Tv sich anschauen... das ganze scheint verzerrt zu sein ... Anbei folgen die bilder...

    Was habe ich falsch gemacht?

  • pcd,
    will you update your Plugin for Kodi Lite?

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