Plugin KodiDirect.v.3.0

  • ok das ist dann jeden Tag neu zu machen. Gibt es eine Möglichkeit etwas zu programmieren, das man wie beim normalen Kodi ( Rechte Maustaste play with 4fm tester) einen Stream ausführen kann ?

  • 20170109

    New and updated addons now available via KodiDirect list :- (IPTV) (Turkish)

    Regards, pcd

  • Hello pcd, Is there any chance we could have your porncenter 1 and porncenter 2 addons please and can we make a polite request for the adult addons which are in your KodiDirect plugin to also be made available in your new plugin which everyone is excited about..KodiLite?

    It would be absolutely brilliant if the addons were fixed and working 100% as before and added so we can continue to enjoy please pcd. Would you kindly fix the addons that are in the search_porn addon and add as well please pcd?

    Also, please could we have the phstreams and Genie TV?

    Your plugin really is the BEST and a MUST HAVE for anyone who uses a enigma2 box!!!

    For us, there really isn't another plugin as exciting and interesting to use as yours.

    Many thanks for all your long hours and hard work devoted to KodiLite, pcd.

  • Hello zig.zag,

    Thank you very much for your interest in my plugins. I will post KodiLite in a separate thread with the addons you have requested. It may take a day or two - as I am doing something else.

    Thanks again, pcd.

  • Hello pcd,
    We thank you very much for your reply and very excited to know you can help with the addons. Thank you very much pcd.
    We have enjoyed using KodiDirect so much and we have missed
    being able to use a lot of the addons and it would be very nice to be
    able to use them as before. Your new project is another great plugin pcd
    and is highly recommended for anyone who uses and enigma2 box to download
    and enjoy it as much as we do and the family and friends we have introduced to
    it. Please let us know if you would like us to remind you of the addons that we would
    be grateful to you for fixing and adding, along with the search options and we would be
    happy to re-confirm to you pcd. The search-porn addon had some sites which are not in the new porncenter addons and we would again be very happy to be able to use them like before please pcd. As always, we really are grateful for your help and for everything you have always done to make your plugin so exciting to use - it really does say a lot when you really miss using the addons when they are no longer working! I think with all the great sites we have been using you may need a porncenter 3 and 4!!!

  • Hi zig.zag,

    I attach below my new (more simple than KodiDirect) plugin KodiLite.
    As you have requested I also attach the some addons (all strictly Adult 18+).

    Unzip and post the addons to folder :- /usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins/Extensions/KodiLite/plugins

    Please test the addons and report with any other suggestions.

    Regards, pcd.

  • Hello pcd, i hope you are well. Thank you for the main KodiLite plugin and addons you posted. We have now finished testing the addons that are included in the porncenter 1 and porncenter 2 addons (after 3 long hours !!!) and we really would appreciate it very much if you were able to help with the following please pcd. It really would be kind of you to help please pcd so the addons could be used as before in your previous plugin.

    Porncenter 1:

    xhamster - please pcd can you fix the search option as it is not working

    tubesex - the addon is not working.

    twanza - when you use the search option only about 3 or 4 videos show but these are all repeated throughout the page. The same thing happens in all pages. When you select a category, the same problem applies as using the search option.

    heavy-r - Firstly, just to say the category thumbnails look great pcd. The problem is that when you search for something there are very few results (where previously the same search resulted in a high number of results) and they are all repeated throughout the page/s.

    B44 - The search option is now not working. Anything you look for results in very few videos to choose from (about a handful) and they are repeated throughout the page/s. If this addon could be revived again or updated it would be brilliant please pcd as a high number of links now no longer work when you select a video from any of the pages available.

    Hotgoo - working perfectly - thank you!

    thisvid - The search option is no longer working and all videos in all categories are not working anymore.

    nvista - In all categories selected, there are only about 3 or 4 videos and they are all repeated throughout the page/s available. Also, the search option is not working anymore.

    Dclip - The category thumbnails look great in this addon too! Working perfectly pcd. Thank you. Is it possible to add a search option please pcd?

    superzooi - The category thumbnails in this addon look great pcd. Thank you. The problem is in all categories there are only a handful of videos and these are all repeated throughout the page/s. Again, the search option used to work well but is not working now using the addon is limited in what you can watch.

    porncenter 2:

    wildfire 2 - The original separate addon you originally created for us includes all the categories. This version only has Streamcloud and the other 2 are missing. From the 'original' separate addon the categories: Dropvideo and Streamcloud do not have any videos working now. The JAV HD category is the only one working. pcd, it would be great if the original addon could be used with all categories and fixed so it can be used again. Thank you.

    spicytranny - This is working well including the search option also. Thank you. Is it possible to add the thumbnails for all videos available from the search results and categories as nearly all are just blank so you don't know what you're selecting each time. Is there a possibility of adding the category thumbnails at all please pcd?

    motherless - This is one of the best addons available pcd. The original and the best! Is it possible to have the 'original' separate addon please pcd? In this version it takes about 100 spins of the red spinner each time you select a page to open. The original one's layout is better in my opinion. Also, is there a possibility of adding the category thumbnails also? Also, the original separate addon search option works tremendously well and is a pleasure to use but in this version it does not work at all. Thank you very much pcd.

    sheshaft - The search option is not working.

    shegods - The addon works very well but it takes about 100 red spinner spins before each page is opened which makes the addon take a long time waiting before it can be used.

    Jzzo - The same problem with the red spinner as above.

    pcd, please can you also add the following addons which are not available in porncenter 1 or 2 and have not been made available yet in KodiLite to use:

    shemaletubevideos - (in the search_porn addon) Working perfectly. Thank you pcd.

    xnxx - (in the search_porn addon) Working perfectly.

    wildfire 1 - the categories you kindly created for us are not working pcd. We have tried the JAV-Uncensored, French, Greek and Italian and not working now.

    xvideos - this was a separate addon and worked very well before but now nothing works anymore including the search option.

    luxure tv - (in the search_porn addon) Please pcd can you please fix the search option so we can use the addon again as before. Thank you.

    esmatube - (in the search_porn addon) Working perfectly but again you have to wait about 100 red spinner spins to open a page.

    pornplaying - (in the search_porn addon) The search option is not working now pcd.

    tubeshemales - (in the search_porn addon) All results are the same 1 video repeated throughout the page/s.

    tube 8 - nothing works anymore pcd.

    Would you also please post the phstreams addon and xstream/exodus/streamondemand as we have no other way of downloading them and adding them to use. Thank you pcd.

    Finally, if you find some time to create addons for the following (search option), it would be brilliant and very much appreciated pcd:,

    pcd, it would be so nice if you would kindly look to fix these addons and add the rest to porncenter 3 and 4 (lol!!!) so they can be used again as before. Thank you very much for your help pcd.

    As always, everything you do for KodiLite is very much appreciated. We thank you very much pcd.

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    Original von zig.zag
    xhamster - please pcd can you fix the search option as it is not working

    This must be your issue, tried it several times and it works without problems.

  • Hi zig.zag,

    Thank you for your detailed report. It is a long list - so it will take a few days for me to deal with them.

    However, I can post the non-adult addons you have asked for. These are attached below.

    Regards, pcd.

  • Hello pcd, we hope, as always, you are very well. We thank you for adding the addons to enable us to download and use again and also thank you very much for helping with the adult addons pcd. It is very nice of you to look to fix them and hopefully we can look forward to using them as before very soon. We really do appreciate your help pcd.
    This plugin is looking good pcd!!! :)

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    Originally posted by dhwz
    In respect to the boardrules you shouldn't try to post grayzone plugins. ;)

    I have only posted what was requested by zig.zag.

    Which one is against the Board rules please ?

    Thanks in advance, pcd.

  • pcd i am sorry for us asking you about the addons we listed in my previous post. We really don't want you to do anything that will not be within the rules. Although we are very grateful for you agreeing to help we are very sorry pcd and we thank you anyway.

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    Originally posted by zig.zag
    pcd i am sorry for us asking you about the addons we listed in my previous post. We really don't want you to do anything that will not be within the rules. Although we are very grateful for you agreeing to help we are very sorry pcd and we thank you anyway.

    Do not worry. there is nothing against the Board Rules in these addons - as I understand them. Most of these are Kodi addons and all are based on public websites.

    If any mod or admin considers any of them inappropriate - I will happily delete them.

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  • Thank you very much for letting us know pcd. If you do manage to update the addons for us and it is not possible to make them available here is it possible to add them at openli or the other one, sat-uni please? That would be very helpful and much appreciated pcd. Thanks again for everything you do for KodiLite. :)

  • I have updated the bbciplayer plugin tonight to 0.0.9 like recommended after the start and now it dont work anymore. The log says:


    File "/usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins/Extensions/KodiDirect/plugins/", line 280 except: ^SyntaxError: invalid syntax

    line 280 and the surrounded lines in looks so:
    (line 280 is the bold line)

    Anybody has an idea why it dont run anymore and whats wrong with this new version?

  • Its a bit strange, cause the "new" plugin version says 0.0.9 and this must be pretty old.

    I tried to install now an older plugin version i had on pc and i know it worked, this version says 0.2.1 but it also dont work now anymore, with the following error log:


    Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins/Extensions/KodiDirect/plugins/", line 1, in <module> import urllib,urllib2,sys,re,xbmcplugin,xbmcgui,xbmcaddon,xbmc,osImportError: No module named xbmcplugin

    i really regret now that i sayed YES as the system offered a "new" version, which is with 0.0.9 obiously pretty old and now my belofed bbc ipalyer dont work anymore. :evil:

  • Sorry - KodiDirect does not work any more - the server closed. I have a new plugin KodiLite which is available in plugin Linuxsatpanel. All the addons including iplayer are in there. I have not posted the addons here because not many people here used KodiDirect.

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