8k-neftv + kabel tuner problem

  • i have added a kabel tuner on my dm 8000

    what are the correct reception settings??

    i have ran scans with all options ... each time there are a different amounts of channels found...

    when tuning onto a channel.. i recieve a tuned failed message... or the channel is not watchable..

    snr 35-36 db


    ber off the charts!--> 0-2000

    anybody have a tipp ffor me??

    i have already tried different tuners...

    on my lg tv there is no reception problem at all??

    my kabel company is neftv / cabelsurf..

    thanks in advance...


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  • Hi,
    Do you have at least one working channel? If yes I would use this frequency for a manual scan and then activate network scan.


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  • if u use the automatic scan it dont find all channels. i'm going via the manual scan and then i change setting from one transponder to scann scann network (or something like this) and then it find all channels

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