• quite difficult to understand what you want to tell / ask

  • In the same vein, there is no hardware option to install an SSD on the DM7080HD..

  • kacim1950: I don't get your point.
    I have an old SSD running in my 7080 for picons, backups, caches, ...

  • Well, you didn't mention the mSATA part before ... :rolleyes:

    For connecting that one, you would need an adapter, should be around 5 - 20 Euros on the usual platforms.

    I have a standard 2.5" SATA here, I just connected it directly to the second SATA port on the board and got the power over a Y cable from the one powering the first drive.

  • TSMusik..
    it will not work because there's a pre-installation for sata .. I used an adapter mSATA to SATA but it does not overlaps ..

  • There's also a second SATA port you can freely use, like I do, so it does work.

  • As I already mentioned, I use a Y cable to get the power from the molex conected to the first drive bay split for the bay and my second drive.

    The nice thing about the Dreambox is that you can either go standard/out-of-the-box, the box is prepared for that and more or less just works, or you choose the opposite way (e.g. by using mSATA) like many do here as a hobby, but then you have to think a bit more creative. ;)

  • TSMusik..
    The problem is fondling that could screw up the receiver .. I think those who have designed the architecture of the receiver haven't supported the mSATA ..
    I have VU+DUO2, and just using an mSATA to SATA cable I can run my ssd above .

  • it is working

    but it doesn't help if you keep posting this in every board/thread

    post proper report (not just "it doesn't work) in the DMM thread where the developpers have already posted answers

  • There is no support for mSATA because it's just not needed. The 7080 has by default enough fast flash already on board with a lot of space left, even when installing almost all plugins available.

    Connecting a second drive to the not by accident available port via whatever cables/adapters doesn't screw up anything, I explained to you how it's done.

    But if you just don't want to do it, I cannot further help you.

    And just because encrypted wifi isn't working for you, it doesn't mean it's not working for anybody.

    - I'm out -

  • I'm not the only one who reported the problem of wifi (in DMM thread there is another person who posts the same problem) .. the receiver connects with free wifi, but when it comes encrypted wifi and whatever protocol it does not connect .. I do not know how you explain more .. I apologize if I offended anyone by posing the problem of wifi .. But this is the reality.

  • Quote

    Originally posted by Bschaar
    reality: over here it works

    Teach me how to connect the receiver to encrypted wifi.. Put us a tutorial.. I will be very grateful..

  • enable Wifi
    select the correct network (from the list of found networks)
    enter the password
    confirm with OK

    rather self explaining