DM7080 OpenTV EPG support ?

  • Native : no

    I guess the crossepg plugin needs to be adapted, same as all others

  • Thanks Bschaar, another question if you don't mind

    Would the epg.dat produced by CrossEPG on a different box be loaded ok by the OE2.2 as used the 7080 ?

  • To my knowledge there is no longer an EPG.dat

    The system now uses a database

  • Hi dubious,
    there are other images based on other OE and "old" E2 which are still able to use CrossEPG and others.

    if DMM wants to sell it in UK and Italy (and others countries) at least the start should come from DMM.


    7020, Combo, Solo2, Ultimo

  • Hi,
    I know at least two teams which offer images not based on OE2.2 because E2 ist closed there.

    But you must keep in mind that you will lose most of the new features the 7080 has to offer.


    7020, Combo, Solo2, Ultimo

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  • Yes I understand those new features won't be available but as nice as they are what use are those if the basic need of an EPG is not even available for my territory.

    What appeals to me about the 7080 is the hardware(although as usual from DMM overpriced), even with 'old' E2 the 7080 boots in around 23s.

    It can have 4 tuners (which I miss from when I had an 8000).

    With 'old' E2 all of the existing plugins that I use will work.

    As my STB is my main entertainment centre not only for TV but also inet and local streaming'old' E2 will do me me very nicely thanks very much :)

  • everything is still quite new, so I guess it will take some time, but probably the will come a solution