Enigma2 port on DM500S (Nfs) Help

  • Hello guys i've been trying the enigma2 port via nfs to my dreambox dm500s.

    Since im not sure if i can post other forum links ill just quote the instructions below:

    I followed all the steps , i got my swap to work at startup but all i get on the screen output is a bar at the left and there is no response from remote control.
    The bootlogo appears , after the boot logo it stucks show a bar at the left of the screen. (Check Image Below)

    Heres where it freezes:

    My shared folder is "c:/dreamhdd"
    Some notes:
    I changed the ip to the one of my nfs server(its a local nfs home server)
    That x.x.x.106 is my nfs ip
    Also ive create the swap and placed it in /hdd.

    Hers is my custom_script.sh

    Thee swap seems to get recongnized so right now im struggling to understand why im not getting the installation menu to the screen.

    Telnet Enigma2(Screenshot):

    Anyone having any suggestions i could try?