Missing infobar in media player on experimental images?

  • Happy New Year to All!

    Why Infobar disappeared in media player the last few months?
    The problem probably not in the skins that use, but maybe in the image.
    I noticed that whit open pli image by clicking on OK and Infobar are showing , but in experimental images is not.
    Is there a way to correct this?
    With edit on a file or?

  • over here no problem

    but which box? which image? which version of GP?

    because I don't think your profil is up to date

    with GP-plugin installed

    BP / Settings / General

    ==> show info bar when pushing "OK"


  • The receivers is DM800 and DM800SE , images Experimental with GP3.

    Thanks ! I will try it.

    edit : i tryit and 3 position - function enable(off) , function enable(on) and function disable - no effect in Media Player.
    Any ideas?