flashing cvs OE 2.0 image onto dm800se with DreamUP_1_3_3_9 ?

  • clonebox ?!! :O

    no i use original box and when i use webif for flashing image, I do not have any problem.I just wanted to experience flashing images with dreamup. Because until this moment I did not succeed to flashing images with dreamup

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  • -Is there a firewall / antivirus software running?
    -Correct ip inserted when using option "with network"?
    -Correct port assigned. Check it via device manager.

    Otherwise try without network, and have a :404:

  • I use Internet Security, but I do not think that it is block the communicate between them, because with same configuration i get a log files with Hyper terminal and connected box to the internet and download addons from gemini bluepanel.

    And as is clear from the picture when i try without network, the same error be happens.