Dm 600pvr Enigma2 Image Pcd 9.0

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  • hi looks reall good image scanned sat channels but got no link on internet and if I go to addon manager just get html script not downloading plugin using a dm600 pvr have I done something wrong or is there a bug thanks

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    Originally posted by Soli
    IPTV Channel List Support would be great. :winking_face:

    please for DM7020...

    I have not looked into these images for a long time. you can see here that only 9 users use these images :-

    Use of enigma2 Image for DM600pvr

    It may be possible to play iptv, and acestream and sopcast streams - but you will need a server pc running. If that is ok, I can try.


  • Hi PCD,
    I would like to ask you if it is possibile to add the feature of adding iptv channels as favourite bouquet.

    Do you think that it is possible?


  • Hi
    I have Dreambox 600 PVR I installed the image and a enigma2 settings with IPTV channels list for IPTV will but not channels
    what can I do to make IPTV channels

  • I'm not sure, but I don't think that this will work! As far as I remember, playing IPTV is a driver thing. And the drivers for the 600 (or 7020si) doesn't provide this feature.

    Kein Support via PM und eMail!!

  • No, not a driver thing.
    In the original E2 branch IPTV was introduced only to to the closed source branch 3.2 and higher. But the images for the DM600 are based on the last open source enigma2 that doesn't support IPTV in the channel list.

    Additionally: It wouldn't even be any helpful to have IPTV in your channel list on the DM600 as most streams are in MPEG-4 but the DM600 cannot play anything else than MPEG-2 :frowning_face:

    so long

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  • I am sorry to say that it will be better to use these good old boxes for what they can already do. I do not have the possibility to develop any more because the image build does not work any more - many required software versions are not available now. Sorry ! :frowning_face:

  • thanks for your answers then you can not do something just drive over to another enigma2 box

  • hello is there anyway to install these 2 plugins 1, permanent timeshift and 2, cooltvguide

    thanks this is a great plugin for the dm600

  • Dear PCD,

    I am using your Enigma 2 a long time ago on my DM600pvr.

    The last was V8.0, but I got last week "Greenscreens" at every boot.

    So I flashed your V9.0 the first time and I am very happy with the new AddOns! :hurra:

    I installed a new skin "skin-vali-ks-testimage_1.0_powerpc.ipk" but after Reboot I got again "Greenscreens" at every boot.

    So I flashed new. Than I increased first the memory with hdd. Than I installed "Nemesis.GlassLine.II-mod-tunhj1_1_powerpc.ipk". But after Reboot I got again "Greenscreens" at every boot.

    What should I do?

    Thank you for this Image!

    Best regards

    DM920 Twin-S2x MS+Twin-S2x MS FBC+USB16GB Timeshift+SD-Card16GB BA+HDD2TB@Merlin4 OE2.5+HD+02
    DM820 Twin-S2+USB16GB Timeshift+HDD1,5TB@Merlin4 OE2.5


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