Cannot install Gemini3 wizard

  • Hi

    I try to install the Gemini3 Wizard on my DM600 but the installation hangs.

    The image I use is from Pcd: DM600PVR Enigma2 Pcd 8.0. I do the following:

    - Long press on 'blue' -> 'Bitte Erweituring auswählen'
    -> '1' (Gemini3 Wizard)
    -> '1' (Installiere Gemini Plugin)
    -> '1' Nachricht: Installiere Gemini Plugin...

    after which it hangs indefinitely.

    How do I get this to work?

    PS If you answer to this it is OK if you write in Germen. I read (and speak) German but I do not write it well enough to go public ;(

    Kind regards,


  • Thanks.

    I appreciate that. Can you mention a version that can be used? Could a 7020 or an 8000 be used for that purpose?

    I'm searching for a replacement for my ageing Force receiver. My ultimate goal is to be able to watch channels distributed by Canal Digital.

    Kind regards,

    PS I found the notification from the forum in a spam folder, hence the delayed response. I apologize for that.