Dm 600pvr Enigma2 Image Pcd 8.0

  • The kernels for these powerpc boxes were developed only for enigma (1). The latest available drivers are in this image.

  • Hi pcd, thank you for this great image.
    Still could not find partnerbox plugin in the repository.

  • """Nfsserver

    To start nfsserver at bootup - uncomment (delete #) from /etc/init.d/rcS line :-

    #/etc/init.d/nfsserver start &

    Edit file /etc/exports if necessary. Default export folder : /media/hdd"""

    Mit PCD 7 funktioniert der NFS Server einwandfrei. In PCD 8
    fehlen die Einträge aus der Anleitung. Bekomme es nichts ans
    laufen. Bei wem geht es?

  • In PCD 8 ist, anders als wie angegeben kein nfsserver vorhanden.

    Installiere diese beiden Programme.

  • Hello PCD,

    i want to update my DM600pvr with Dream Up an the pcd 8.0 image, but the Box freezes at "flashing in the Ram".

    Why i cant update my Box?

    I flash the box with the rs232-Cabel.
    I have normaly connected, then "connect" to the box, the energy to the box, flash with pcd 8.0 image. Everythins is o.k.

    At the point "flashing in the Ram" the Box will not going forward.

    Thanks from

  • Hi,

    I use DreamUP_DM600PVR v.

    It seems to work ok.


  • :tongue: Kann ich Ccam instalieren ??
    Würde es geren probieren!

  • hi,

    thx for your great work... is is possible to encrypt the austrian channels (ORF, ATV, ..) with the "crypto-card" - so there's no illegeal crack/hack, just "how to enable the CF interface"


  • hi,

    super thx to make this beatifull image.

    unicable is working perfect on this image. Just scanned 1400+ channels on DM600PVR

    however some remarks maybe for future versions:

    - it seems when selecting dutch language it is not been saved. (found that current image only support 4 languages (de,en,tr,uk).
    >> language files are missing.
    >> how can I translate it? seems to be binary.



  • Quote

    Original von funstuffkg
    - where can I add cccam functionality? (I think I can work this out by using IPK file from other distribution)

    read the rules ... again

  • funstuffkg


    Official Smartcards/Emulators/Softcams
    So-called "softcams" are neither to be provided nor discussed in any way. In other words: All types of CI module emulators are strictly prohibited. Support for official smartcards is limited to receivers with CI interface and official (legal) CI modules. Questions regarding the handling of official smartcards with softcams will not be tolerated.

    TunerA: Multifeed
    13°O, 19,2°O, 23,5°O, 28,2°O
    TunerB: LAMINAS OFC-1200
    45°O, 42°O, 40,0°O, 39°O, 36,0O, 33,0°O, 31,0°O, 28.2°O, 26,0°O, 23.5°O, 21,6°O, 19.2°O
    , 16,0°O, 13°O, 10,0°O, 9°O, 7°O, 5°O, 4,8°O, 0,8°W, 4°W, 5°W, 7°W, 8°W, 11,0°W, 12.5°W
    , 15°W, 18,0°W, 22,0°W, 24,5°W, 30°W
    TunerA/B: In Gebrauch
    0,8°W, 9°O, 13°O, 19.2°O, 23.5°O, 28.2°O
    Dreambox: 7000, 7020SI, 7020HD

  • Quote

    Originally posted by funstuffkg
    removed that part from post. My excuses.


    I will make the language files. This will take some time.

    If you cannot find something - try google dreambox powerpc pcd etc.

    Regards, pcd.

  • nice! thx

    let me help here... I already found the language files (.mo) in english but I don't have tools on windows to convert them into po files so I can read them with poedit. I have however found in some other firmware the language files for enigma2 but it seems they are not complete...

    therefore I think would be nice to start from english source and then translate them.

    let me now if I can be of any assistance here.


  • on win you can convert .mo to .po :winking_face:

    open the terminal (cmd.exe)
    go to the directory of poedit in my case: c:\Program Files (x86)\Poedit\bin

    enter following command:

    msgunfmt [] > [path_to_file.po]

    the .mo is replaced by the .mo-version

    it's possible you need to start the cmd.exe as administrator

  • Installation via WEBIF worked. But after channel searching, I got the above line.
    There the box hangs. I cannot flash again, cause i can't get into the mode.
    I have contact via DCC.

    Eigentlich sollte die Frage an pcd gehen, dessen Image 8.0 habe ich nämlich installiert..

    "Komm wir essen Opa" (Satzzeichen können Leben retten!)

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