SSL84: possibility to restore a backup.nfi made with SSL79

  • I have an original DM 500hd, and I ask a simple question: after the installation of the Secondstageloader 84” is possible to install an firmware released before the September 5th 2011?
    Specifically, I have a DM 500hd, with the image “Gemini2 v5.1, 21/7/2010”, and now I want to install the “Gemini iCVS-Image vom 21.11.2011”, (and later on the GP3 image), and before to install the necessary “Secondstageloader 84”, I want to be sure that the new second stage loader 84 can restore also the recent and complete flash backup “Gemini-5.1-dm500hd-2012-09-27@***-SSL-79.nfi“,with the same procedure of flashing a firmware by web browser.
    REMARK: In my esata hdd and in my PC I saved also the“Gemini-5.1-dm500hd-2012...-79.nfo“and the “SSL” folder with the “secondstage-dm500hd-79.bin”.
    Thank you to everybody that answers to me and explain to me if it is a different procedure.

  • more simply: I have an original DM 500hd, with the “Gemini2 v5.1, 21/7/2010”, and I will install the Second stage loader 84, created on September 2011. Question: the Second stage loader 84”.can again install the backup.nfi of the“Gemini2 v5.1, 21/7/2010” , made by the second stage loader 79, created on may 2010?
    Thank you to everybody that have experienced that and answers to me.

  • Frage:
    Die Second stage loader 84, im September 2011 hergestellt, kann jedes mögliches firmare anbringen *.nfi auch vor September 2011 verursacht, einschließlich ein backup.nfi?