Enigma2: Release 3.2.3 [OE1.6]

  • Enigma2: Release 3.2.3
    Machine: Dreambox dm500hd
    Date: 20120707
    Issuer: Dream Multimedia
    Link: http://sources.dreamboxupdate.…eambox/1.6/dm500hd/images
    MD5: f714a998ffcf37fd4c253050661eb856
    enigma2 (20120327 rel32 -> 20120706 rel32)
    - updated translations
    - some storage manager optimization
    - fixed possible epgcache crash
    - fixed teletext subtitle crash
    - optimized teletext subtitle render quality
    - fixed common interface assignment plugin bug
    - fixed teletext subtitle selection screen
    - fixed skipping backward from live to timeshift
    - added expert option "Rotor is exclusively controlled
    by this dreambox" to fix slow zapping times between
    rotor and non-rotor lnbs (enabled by default)
    - fixed tuner resource leak on signal loss
    - fixed displaying of multilingual epg descriptions
    - improved transponder search speed (skip transponders without usable services)
    - fixed possible crash on enigma2 shutdown
    - fixed scrollabel for texts longer than a whole page
    - updated default favourite list and astra default services

    hardware drivers (20120322 -> 20120706)
    - fixed inoperable "dm7020hd remote control" after front processor upgrade until after re-reboot (dm800se, dm500hd)
    - fixed demux bug

    - updated some plugins
    - zdf mediathek
    - mytube
    - webinterface

  • diese version kann man aber nicht über die softwareverwaltung installieren


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  • Device & Versions
    Devicename: dm500hd
    Enigma Version: 2012-03-27-3.2
    Image Version: Release 3.2.1 2012-02-16
    Frontprozessor Version: VNone
    Webinterface Version: 1.7.1