help for subtitle plugin on OE2 images

  • Hi
    Is it possible to make a subtitles plugin for OE2 images?
    The subtitle player plugin by DDamir is excellent , but it is not made for oe2 images.
    Also subsdownloader plugin by dear SileliS does not work in Iran because its source is filtered in Iran.The government has blocked most of sites.
    I talked with dear SileliS in this case, but he said that not possible of adding new sources and changes in the plugin.
    Several thousand people in Iran are using the products Dreambox and most important plugin for this people, is the subtitle plugin.
    If it is not made for OE2 images, we must use of the OE1.6 images.
    I expect that strong team of Gemini and other masters such as gutemine, which in this case to help us.
    Please help us.

  • It is more likely that your 'friends' don't have original Dreamboxes in Persia and hence they are not able to run OE 2.0 images.

  • thanks dear gutemine
    We have the original Dreamboxes.
    we must use the OE1.6 images because we can not use the subtitle plugin in the OE2 images.
    If is made the good subtitle plugin in OE2 images,we use OE2 images.

  • well, I don't use subtitles - hence I'm sorry.

    And I still don't understand the point why then your great subtitle pplugin programmers can't provide an OE 2.0 Version. Maybe they don't have the sources themselves either :-)

  • :(( :(( :(( :((
    We asked to DDAMIR : When the new version, to be published in OE 2.0 images?
    He answered : The new license from the DMM does not allow changing the parts needed for the plugin.
    I do not know why he does not publish the his plugin for OE2 images?
    You with all this information and the ability,Why not make a subtitle plugin?
    Subtitle plugin is very important to us.

  • Subtitle Player help me to enjoy German and French movies it is a great plugin because of this plugin i also use oe1.6

  • Subtitle Player is a very good plugin but for using this plugin we must use oe1.6.
    please update Subtitle Player Plugin for OE 2.0

  • hi

    i am confirmed the statements of dear mehdad iran and ask you; dear gutemine to help us (iranian peoples).because without this plugin we confronted many difficulties to get a subtitle for many language and we have to use of the OE1.6 images.

    another question:
    dear gutemine; why you think that we (iranian peoples) don't have original Dreamboxes????!!!!


  • Hello Mr. Gutemine
    Most of the people of Iran are the original Dreambox.
    Even our team, original Dreambox receivers, an image is called the Persian Empire.
    This indicates that the Iranian people, they use the original receivers.

    This plugin is very important to us, so that the people of Iran for the plugin, still images and Subtitle Player OE1.6 use.

    Desperately beg of you, that you may make a plugin for the subtitle.


  • ich bin auch ganz verzweifelt nach Ersatz! Muss mir derzeit mit muxen behelfen was aber enorm zeitaufwändig ist und bei weiten nicht so komprortabel wie der subtitle player aus oe 1.6.

    Ich versteh gar nicht warum das nicht viel mehr leute bemängeln - ich schau ständig filme und vor allem serien auf english und mit englischen subtitles...