blue-shadow mod for GP3.2

  • blue-shadow-gp3-plugin-mod by zbigzbig20 for GP3.2

    Thx to army for Ghost HD skin :)

    How to install? Just use Dream Explorer from vali or Gemini3 FileBrowser ,copy to /tmp ipk package and install from it. Or from Gemini3 BluePanel addons...

    How to uninstall? Simply... If you installed my skin from Gemini3 Blue Panel [Addons] just delete it there. If you installed my skin from ipk pack manually just in telnet write this command:

    opkg remove gp-skin-blue-shadow

    What's new:


    - updated for GP3 Plugin v3.2 and new OE2.0
    - other improvements...

    Archive contain:


    - blue-shadow (also lite version)

    In this version you can configure 9 sensors! For the best look I prefer:

    But latest decision I leave to you!

    Btw. If something is cut on your screen just adjust Infobar position in Gemini3 BluePanel Main Options !

    Main font for skin is updated for polish people (with english/german it look also good) I don't now how it look with other languages... You can always use your favourite font.

    Remember: If you want support for Second-InfoBar (now lite infobar) just install addon from attached link below :

    SecondInfoBar Download/How To...

    Skin is tested and working great :)

    Some Screens: