[Boblight SupportThread] Update: 11-02-2014, Boblight 0.8R6

  • here is some update to the problem that the leds on the left side don't light up:
    Today I had some time to observe and analyze the problem a bit more.
    First I have to cancel the statement that the problem is dependent on a single channel. It is not. Furthermore it seems to be dependent on the content. Movies and commercials do work well as there are fast changing pictures with many different colours. TV shows with static cameras and static backgrounds suffer more often from the problem.
    It seems that if the left side of the screen mainly consists of a steady, not very bright colour that the leds switch of. To light them up again, a bright colour spot surrounded by high contrast has to appear in the area. It looks like the range of brightness has reach some spectrum to activate the lights again. As long as the lights stay on a constant level (which in my view by far should be enough to let the leds shine, and it does that on the others sides of the screen) they stay off.
    If you play with the settings, like minimal brightness the results differ. For min. brightness=0 the effect is as stated. For min. brightness 0.1 and above lights on the left stay on but loose their colors for sceenes described.

    Does the grabber have any threshold (e.g. for detecting blackbars) which has to be exceeded for one side or a specific area to put the lights into action (again)? That might be the only explanation I could imagine... If, is there any chance to deactivate that and test again?

    Picdumps still don't work as I wrote some posts ago, but I will try to make some video to help you get an impression.

    thx & greetz noway42

  • On what channel is this problem ?

    P.s in attachment, the r11 picdump is working here.

    Kind regards speedy1985

  • Wow speedy, what have you change here ?

    This version (boblightd) works very good for me.
    The flashlight's on top are gone, picdump work's fine.

    For me all is ok.

  • Hi Speedy.
    I´ve tested the new r11 - flashlights are still existing, but less frequently.
    You're on the right track ... ;)

  • Thanks for the new version!

    I´ve tested it immediatly - result:

    * still flashlights (not only on top)
    * colors do not match to the screen (SD-Stations)
    * moodlamp still doesn´t work in standby

    Sorry for bad news ... :tatsch:

  • hey Speedy,

    thanks for the feedback and the new version. Now I was able to make picdumps which illistrate the problem quiete good.

    Here is a comparison:
    1.) made on the German Channel "Pro 7 HD" during the show "TV Total"
    screenshot1: an example screenshot for the scene dumped
    picdump1 (boblight_picdump_0007-0017): picdumps for that scene

    2.) same channel, same show just not such an iterview but some kind of article
    screenshot2: an example screenshot for the scene dumped
    picdump2 (boblight_picdump_00018-0028): picdumps for that scene

    As you can see, in example 1 there is a blackbar on the left (and a thin one on the right as well) whereas in example 2 everything is fine. Any idea for a workaround?

    thx & greetz noway42

  • The Black stripes is the rgbskip. I skip a line every loop.
    This is for better cpu performance.

    The wrong colors is because of the first pic (sd)
    I will try to fix this problem this evening.

    Also that black stripe problem from noway42.

    Gr Speedy1985

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  • Hi Speedy,

    the delay for 1080i playback on Solo2 has gone. Perfect!

    But there is still a delay in 1080p playback. Maybe you can fix this too?

  • Quote

    Original von McFly8
    Hi Speedy,

    the delay for 1080i playback on Solo2 has gone. Perfect!

    But there is still a delay in 1080p playback. Maybe you can fix this too?

    Jeb no problem, start with -k in terminal on that channel.
    Place one line of that output in this thread.

    you can start with -t delaynr replace delaynr in a nr what good is for you.
    also post this number

    gr speedy

    if you like this project and want to support me, buy me a beer ;) Thanks!!

  • I will try to do this tomorrow. I'm a beginner, so it's not so easy for me. My wife wants to watch a movie today, so I have no chance today :zensiert:

  • He speedy,

    I love you. Good work !

    I have install the 6r13 using my old configs and it works perfectly for me.

    The timings on SD, HD, Video are nearly perfekt.

    Installation without problems and without own changeing's .

    vu+ solo2 :-O

    Thanks a lot.

    Gruss Mirko

  • I installed this version (6r13) for vu + solo

    1080p no delay, sometimes it is necessary to increase it
    720X576 delay is very visible for all values

    What's the problem? I tried to run boblight enigma2-with-t and different values. It never helps. (

    sorry for my english)))

  • Hi,

    Do you have interpolation true of false ?

    Gr speedy1985.

    Bytheway, iam in the chat,
    webchat.freenode.net channel #boblight-enigma2

  • r13 works much better! :hurra:
    SD-Stations: no more problems!

    Now I´ve only 2 problems:
    * still flashlights (edit: with Sedu)
    * moodlamp: wrong colors
    menu shows the color correctly (3x255 = white), but the LEDs are yellow

  • r13 for me works just like r12.
    - no flashlights (due to adalight I guess)
    - moodlamp colours are fine, but just noticed one thing: is it right that the only moodlamp mode available is static? or do I just cannot change it?

    - blackbar problem on the left: nothing changed, but I guess that was not the intention of r13.

    thx for pushing updates so rapidly!

    greetz noway42

  • The blackbar problem is almost fixed but i need to test this a while.
    The mode in moodlamp menu is for now only static, later fading etc..

    Kind regards Speedy1985

    if you like this project and want to support me, buy me a beer ;) Thanks!!