[Boblight SupportThread] Update: 11-02-2014, Boblight 0.8R6

  • @ LuxSkywalker

    auf jeden fall Jumper var nicht vorhanden und die config

    Merlin³ OE2.0 + GP3 boblight-enigma2-0.8r5
    raspberry pi @ boblight

  • Hallo zusammen nun bin ich wieder da mit mein Problem,
    irgendwie passen die Farben nicht , habe schon in der config die Farben
    aus probiert , hat einer mir ein Rat.



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    Merlin³ OE2.0 + GP3 boblight-enigma2-0.8r5
    raspberry pi @ boblight

  • yammyam: wie ist die laufrichtung der streifen bei dir? von hinten betrachtet, sollte sie entgegen dem uhrzeigersinn sein.

  • ja das wars ,
    die Laufrichtung danke für das Boblighttool

    Merlin³ OE2.0 + GP3 boblight-enigma2-0.8r5
    raspberry pi @ boblight

  • Läuft alles soweit sehr gut,aber was mir aufgefallen ist,dass bei 720p also ARD z.b. Läuft das Plugin hinterher.alle Sender gehen synchron,sobald ARD oder ZDF läuft,dann läuft es nicht mehr synchron.kann das jemand bestätigen?

  • I proudly present my boblight low cost solution 8)

    Arduino Uno controllerboard = 16 EUR
    50 WS2801 LEDs = 42 EUR
    A 5V 3A AC/DC= 11 EUR
    wires, plugs = 15 Eur
    wood, screws = 10 Eur
    --> less than 100 Euro :hurra:

    I own a 42inch Philips LCD TV with an old not well working, colorless Ambilight on the right and left side.

    [piture 1 - IMAG0687.jpg]

    To bring a good Ambilight feeling into my room I choosed to use 50 LEDs with 150 channels.
    16 LEDs horicontally and 9 LEDs vertically --> 16:9 :gutenmorgen:

    With the new boblight version 0.5R15 it`s the first time I have the feeling most things are working smooth and good on my non dreambox receiver ;)
    My old E1 Dreamboxes are of curse not supported anymore :(

    Here you can see the LEDs with the wood pieces and the Arduino controller in the middle
    [picture 2 - PC300201.jpg]

    the 12mm drilled wholes
    [picure 3 - PC310202.jpg]

    the console already mounted to the wall with the 50 LEDs
    [picture 4 - P1050207.jpg]

    testing my setup - with standard settings - not satisfyed
    [picture 5 - P1060213.jpg]

    and finally the tweaked solution which makes me happy :hurra:

    VIDEO - Boblight in action

    in case that others spend 300 Euro - I am very happy with my solution.
    If the boblight plugin is developed also in the future - I think the results will get better and better.

    With the R15 the blackbar detection is not working for me like it was in R10.

    I also would love to see every single parameter in the boblight.conf and the settings file explained.

    Then 4 sure it will help many peaple to tweak there setup to the optimal solution.
    I honestly have to say that I don`t know exactly the impact of every setting,...

    GreeT`s Erich

    P.S. how can I put the pictures to the position I want to?


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  • hallo, boblight für dreambox 500 hd 05.r15 arbeitet mit einem teensy Karte? danke

  • I would like to use boblight to work with Philips amBX starter kit under XBMC. As XBMC has boblight as a standart plugin.
    Please tell me if this will work without any problems ?
    Will I need to set some extra settings to be able to work with it ?
    Thanks in advance.
    Best regards

  • Quote

    Originally posted by flamina
    hello, boblight for dreambox 500 hd 05.r15 works with a teensy card? thank you

    My Boblight on the USB port works with an Teensy (box = Xtrend9000)
    cheap solution +/- EUR 15

  • hello, why my dreambox500hd not recognize my card teensy?. I try with / dev/ttyUSB0 in the configuration boblight.conf.Mes LED does not light. thank you

  • hallo, warum meine dreambox500hd nicht erkennen meine Karte teensy?. Ich versuche mit / dev/ttyUSB0 in den Konfigurationsdateien boblight.conf.Mes LED leuchtet nicht. Danke

  • Habe eben mal ein Testvideo laufen lassen.
    Das ist das Ergebnis.

    Woran kann das wohl liegen?

    Hier noch meine Config: