Streaming from dreambox to pc with Pcd 7.0 image

  • Hi,

    Some users have reported problems with streaming tv from dreambox to pc. The following procedure works :-

    On dreambox :

    Delete folder /usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins/Extensions/Webinterface

    Ftp the attached .ipk to /tmp and install via Menu-Extra Setup-Addon Manager-Manual install. Restart enigma2.

    On pc :

    Install Vlc 1.1.9.

    Find the program VLC hosts file (in windows usually) C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\http\.hosts. Put in your dreambox ip as shown (without #).

    Start VLC media player. Select tools -> Preferences -> All (radio button) -> Interface - Main interfaces -> HTTP

    Select HTTP -> insert in Host address :8080

    Next select Input/Codecs -> Access modules -> HTTP(S) -> Caching value in ms -> insert 800

    Save and Restart VLC.

    Start web browser (example IE) and insert your dreambox url.

    Select the small tv icon for the currently playing tv channel. Select open.

    I checked the following channels (for example) :-

    30w - TV Record, Cubavision
    13e - TV Globo, Yakir TV
    19e - RTL Television, RTL2, Super RTL, Vox
    28e - BBC 1 London, BBC 3

    Regards, pcd.

  • I seem to remember seeing a thread saying no more development with these images! :)

    I for one am extremely grateful you went back on that, you the man pcd I'll def be giving this a go.

    Thanks again