• scp from one box to another (500HD to 8000PVR)

    created a key with

    dropbearkey -t rsa -f id_rsa

    copy & paste the resultant text into file /.sh/authorized_keys/id_rsa on both boxes

    scp -i /.ssh/authorized_keys/id_rsa /media/hdd/my_ip.txt root@


    /usr/bin/dbclient: exited: string too long

    any ideas

  • got past that bit
    seems that dropbear keeps its files in

    now getting an error:-
    n.n.n.n is not in the trusted hosts file

  • don't think I screwed up, I used
    dropbearkey -t rsa -f id_rsa > /tmp/some_key

    then copied & renamed the file to /.ssh/authorized_keys

    • Official Post

    Do it once on that way (for dreams with dropbear)

    1. Client box

    dropbearkey -t rsa -f ~/.ssh/mykey

    Example output:

    Public key portion is:
    ssh-rsa AAB3NzaVVVVAAADDfghEEREtg&gwCRlm4L8NZMBcLORuV3j+zgKE5aoygNWs+GWpyZywI946yNHfm3leJlz/yphGCx5sXJz2tgLMeJJ45_i_have_more_than_one_dreambox_3EdzNQzrA+alIowx0H8Zm5O3iKuLjlej+qNbnO2faAD+6KArHP5sntxj2j4EkkQ6M36RomFLb9 root@dm8888
    Fingerprint: md5 cc:42:56:re:e0:4f:0e:de:58:66:40:20:56:b3:se:ff

    2. Serverbox

    Create a authorized_keys file in .ssh and paste the key into it.
    But only the bold marked line from the example above. For sure do not take this key here.
    Create your own :grinning_squinting_face:

    3. Connect to the serverbox

    ssh -i ~/.ssh/mykey root@ip_of_the_box

    Check this once. No pw is required in that case.
    And also scp commands are working.