• Hello friends.

    I'm Marky from Spain. I've been registered since a lot but I've never posted anything. Is the time to say hello to everybody and say thanks for the wonderful community you have.

    I'm sorry for speaking in English but I don't speak German.


  • :bienvenue:

    no brain no pain! :495:
    Auf gar keinen Fall die GP-Wiki lesen!!
    sie könnte Deinen Kopf zu schwer für Deinen Hals machen :D

    attachment.php?attachmentid=158292 Wir wollen uns für das Update bedanken!!

  • Hola Marky,

    it has took a long time for your "coming out" to the IHAD community.
    As I answerd irishmale Sláinte.... ,
    don't by shy to ask questions !

    But as an muted observer scince 2007 you have to be an adept !

    Welcome and Ciao