• Wow, really ?

    Guess why this was reported already in DMM board ?

    Guess why DMM is not really putting this on their top priority list ?

  • Insulting people is not really what we encourage with our boardrules!

    DM 800 doesn't have any official encyption device (CI Module) - hence why should the fix it or even answer such requests - to get legal problems ?

    And you are also violating our boardrules by reporting this problem.

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  • "There are many encrypted channels in the air which make problems with DM800." Do this sentence violate your boardrules too?

  • yes - because you are not writing it to tell us but to gain help in changing this situation.

    Anyway, you now found out that we cann't help you which is all the help you will get ... because of our rules that you also accepted.

  • Quote

    Originally posted by joao cabo
    Known bugs on 3.2 with f Pen inserted
    Problem with crypted channels

    Please look here.